Great Groomsmen Gifts - What to Give the Men in your Wedding Party

Want to show your appreciation to the groomsmen in your bridal party? Check out these unique ideas to help you figure out what is perfect for them!

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When it comes to planning a wedding, there are many small details that need to be handled. Once your planning eases up, gift ideas are in mind for your wedding party. Those in your party play a huge role in the process and a lot of their time and effort is put into helping to make sure your day goes smoothly.
To make your planning a bit easier, we have put together a list of gift options that can be given to each of your groomsmen. While planning a wedding, it is difficult at times to focus on what is needed. So take a look at these suggestions in hopes to make your gift giving a breeze!
Pocket Watch
A pocketwatch is a thoughtful and classy gift for your groomsmen that they will be able to put to use and keep for years to come! Create a more personal feel by engraving the pocket watch or monogramming it with your friends name on it. You can also engrave the wedding date if you’d like. Most men like to wear watches, but pocket watches are a neat idea for when they are headed to a more formal event where their shirts get in the way of wearing a wrist watch. If one of your buddies isn’t much into wearing watches at all, it is still a wonderful keepsake of a memorable evening.
A flask is a great gift for any man, so why not give them out as gifts to your closest buddies? This gift idea will come in handy for your friends and if one of them isn’t much of a drinker, it’s a cool item to keep in the office as decor. You can also personalize the flasks and engrave a different saying on the back for each of your buddies. Your friends will appreciate the time and thought put into each note and it will make the gift much more personal as well!
Knives are a popular collectible item and a lot of men like to keep a bunch for all sorts of reasons. Some like to hang them up and show them off, while others keep a collection just for themselves. Purchase beautiful wooden knives that give off an elegant, yet masculine touch. Engrave each groomsmen’s name into the knives and hand them out to each of your buddies on the morning of your wedding. 
Money Clip
You can’t go wrong with the simple gift of a money clip, perfect for men who don’t like to carry around bulky wallets. Engrave each guys initials into the clip and wrap each one in festive paper with colors that match your wedding theme. You can give them this token of appreciation on your wedding day or ahead of time at the bachelor party! Giving them these gifts at the party will assure that their money stays in a safe place during a wild evening! 
Basket Full of Goodies
A wonderful idea is to create personalized gift baskets for each of your friends. Put everything and anything inside that a man needs and wants. This can include a couple of small bottles of liquor, or one large bottle of your friends favorite drink. With the liquor, give out monogrammed beer glasses or shot glasses, or both! Throw some cigars into the basket too and complete it with a nice lighter that you can personalize as well. Since you’re the one who knows your friends the best, put some other items in each basket to match each guys personality. One might like sports and another may be into cars, so find a variety of items to place inside each basket to go with what interests them the most.
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Have a gift idea for the groomsmen you would like to share? Comment below!