Say Thank You to your Bridesmaids with these Thoughtful Gift Ideas!

Check out these great gift options to give your bridesmaids!

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Along with the honorary title of being a bridesmaid, it also comes with a lot of work. They don’t just get to wear a beautiful dress on your wedding day while smiling in all your photos, a lot of the planning is done by the bridesmaids! 
Let your bridal party know how thankful you are for them by giving them a generous gift on your wedding day. While everyone is doing hair and makeup, hand out one of these gift ideas to let them know how much you appreciate their time and effort.
You can never go wrong with jewelry, after all, diamonds are a girls best friend! Give each of your bridesmaids something gorgeous they can wear for years to come. You can even choose something that will match their dresses so they can wear it on your wedding day. If you know one friend likes bracelets more than necklaces, switch it up a bit and purchase a different piece of jewelry for each girl. This is a great way of personalizing your gift without engraving it.
Spa Day
After all the planning and partying, your bridesmaids will be thrilled to open a gift certificate to a peaceful spa. Give them each a day of relaxation to unwind after your big day, you can even join them! Make sure to go all out - facials, manicures, pedicures, massages, delicious treats and wine! This idea is also a great idea to do before the wedding as well, or even as part of the bachelorette party. They’ll be pleasantly surprised to know you thought of them on a weekend created to celebrate the bride!
Something Personalized
Giving each of the ladies something personalized is always a great idea. It is something that will make as a great souvenir when they look back on this time you all shared. You can put your own personal touch on any item, it can be anything from a watch, to a makeup bag with a special note sewn on the inside. Something more simple would be a beach or tote bag with their first initial embroidered onto the side. These can be found online and each bridesmaid can receive the color that suits them perfectly!
Post-Wedding Survival Kit
Put together a post-wedding survival kit for your bridal party for them to enjoy once the big day is over. They will be as tired as you and will need a pick-me-up the next day! Get creative with this gift and add a bunch of items you know they’ll love and need. Some suggestions include a water bottle, tylenol, lipstick, perfume, mints and a pair of flip flops. These will come in handy while leaving the party when their feet are cramping up! One last item to add to the kit is a gift card to a delicious breakfast place nearby. They will thank you the next morning when they want to indulge in a great meal after a long night. Any items you desire can be added to the kits, depending on what you believe each girl will like best.
Wine Basket
Wine is not only delicious but it helps relieve stress and is a great way to unwind after a long day. Purchase two or three bottles for each bride and place them in a basket with personalized wine glasses. Also include a corkscrew so they’ll have everything they need! Another thoughtful addition is a wine stopper to keep their wine nice and fresh. Set up each basket to match each girl's personality and get as creative as you want with the decorating! 
If you like all these gift suggestions, you can even mix some of them with the others and really give your bridal party something extra special! These suggestions are not limited to after the wedding either, you can give the ladies gifts while asking them to be your bridesmaids, at your bachelorette party or any other occasion before your big day.
Have a bridesmaid gift idea you would like to share? Comment below!