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Tips to Take Great iPhone Pictures of the Kids

Are you familiar with the term iPhoneography?

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iPhoneography is the art of creating photos with an Apple iPhone. It's a style of mobile photography that differs from other forms of digital photography in that images are shot and processed on the iOS device.

They say that the best camera is the one you have with you. That’s the main reason why iPhoneography has become a new national pastime. Compared to a DSLR camera, your iPhone is small, it’s already in your pocket, and it happens to take great pictures, too!

10 Tips to Take Great iPhone Photos of Your Kids

  • There’s an App for That: Sometimes, the camera on your iPhone just isn’t enough. There are 100s of photo apps available now, so play around and see which one you like best.
  • Location, location, location: iPhones are handy to capture the unexpected moments. But, if you’re planning a photo session with your little one, be sure to scout the best location. You want to have a nice backdrop that doesn’t distract from the focus of your picture.
  • Hold on tight: Holding your iPhone steady, when also wrangling a squirmy subject, can be tricky. Rather than trying to hold with one hand and take the picture with your thumb on the same hand, try holding your iPhone with one hand, and using the other hand to snap the picture.
  • The right stuff: Everybody needs a little help sometimes. There are a lot of fun accessories available to help you take the best pictures with your iPhone. Tripods are great– you can position your camera anywhere, and even get in on the photo yourself!
  • Take aim: Be creative when lining up your shot. Get down to your child’s level, or maybe even lower, to take advantage of some unique angles.
  • Let there be light: Regardless of whether you’re using an iPhone or an expensive professional camera, lighting will make or break a photo. Bright, natural light is best, but try to avoid aiming your iPhone camera directly into the light.
  • Just keep shooting: The beauty of digital is that you can take as many pictures as you want, and they don’t all have to be perfect. Don’t worry about taking a bad shot while you’re taking the photos, just take as many as you can and pick out the best few later on.
  • Live action: You can also opt to take a short video instead of a still picture. This is an especially ingenious idea if you’re trying to capture a specific moment centered around action – first steps, swinging at the playground, throwing an adorably heinous tantrum.
  • Get close: Whenever possible, avoid the zoom on the iPhone camera itself and get physically closer to your kids when taking the picture. You’ll sacrifice quality the more you zoom, and being closer picks up on details your camera may miss from far away.
  • Keep it clean: Most of us are good about wiping the screen of our iPhones, because it’s the part we see everyday. But, it’s the lens on the other side that captures the beautiful pictures! Be sure you’re cleaning the lens regularly – with a microfiber cloth, no liquids – so that perfect shot isn’t photo bombed by a dust bunny!

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to take beautiful iPhone photos of your family with confidence. Now, get out there and make some memories!

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