Attorney Lauren P. Raysor, Esq. to Appear on "NY Nightly News with Chuck Scarborough" on August

Attorney and author Lauren P. Raysor, Esq. is scheduled to appear on an upcoming episode of WNBC-TV's "NY Nightly News with Chuck Scarborough." The show is scheduled to air on August 12 at 7 p.m.

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Attorney and author Lauren P. Raysor, Esq. is scheduled to appear on an upcoming episode of WNBC-TV's "NY Nightly News with Chuck Scarborough." The show is scheduled to air on August 12 at 7 p.m.

On the show, Ms. Raysor will discuss her book, "Living the Wealthy Life," and that every person has the ability to transform their current situation into something truly magnificent, regardless of their social or economic background. The transformation starts from within as people learn to take responsibility for their own actions rather than blame others. As an example, Ms. Raysor describes how she rose from poverty to become Assistant Attorney General for the State of New York, Deputy Chief and later Senior Trial Counsel for New York City and before starting her own practice.

"Living The Wealthy Life" is an up-close and personal examination of what it takes to make your life great. Ms. Raysor lists and explains the "18 Principles of Wealthy Living" and reveals what those decisions are, what you need to know when you're making them and how to capitalize on each success to propel yourself closer to greatness.

Ms. Raysor also offers advice for keeping yourself on the right path in your personal decisions. Ms. Raysor said she felt compelled to write the book after the Remy Ma trial, in which Ms. Raysor represented the shooting victim.

On July 14, 2007, Remy Smith, also known as Remy Ma, shot Makeda Barnes-Joseph twice in the abdomen outside a nightclub. A grand jury indicted Ms. Ma with several counts, including first-degree assault and criminal possession of a weapon. In March 2008, a New York County jury found her guilty. Ms. Raysor, who represented Ms. Barnes-Joseph during the trial, implored record companies to impose a morality clause on rap and hip-hop artists who sign onto their labels so that, in the event the artist is involved in any criminal behavior, they would be dismissed from their label.

"It was during the trial that I learned of the senseless acts of violence committed by a select group of rap and hip-hop artists and the fans who emulate them," Ms. Raysor said. "Not all rap and hip-hop artists participate in these violent acts; there are some artists who have taken the time to invest in our youth. With the 'Living the Wealthy Life' movement, I believe that we can go a step further in terms of accountability by carving out a solid blueprint towards success."

"NY Nightly News with Chuck Scarborough" presents the news of the day from the Greater New York City area, along with updates on continuing issues of importance in the city. The show can be seen on Channel 109 (Cablevision) and Channel 161 (Time Warner Cable).

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About Lauren P. Raysor

Lauren P. Raysor is an attorney concentrating in personal injury, civil rights, matrimonial and family law, and corporate, business and municipal legal services. A 1988 graduate of Fordham Law School, Ms. Raysor has worked on behalf of the people, both in her own practice and as an attorney for the City of New York and the State Attorney General's Office. In 1993, Ms. Raysor joined the New York City Law Department as Deputy Chief and Senior Trial Counsel, handling negligence cases in the city. From 1999 to 2001, she served as Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Bronx and Upper Manhattan, investigating and litigating consumer fraud cases. In 2002, Ms. Raysor served as President of the Metropolitan Black Bar Association, where she testified before the City Council on civil rights issues. She has handled high-profile cases, including representing the shooting victim in the case against rap and hip-hop artist Remy Ma.