by Nick Christophers There are times you cross paths with certain individuals that inspire you or leave you with something very special. In the Entertainment industry there is one such individual that has taken on ...

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by Nick Christophers

There are times you cross paths with certain individuals that inspire you or leave you with something very special. In the Entertainment industry there is one such individual that has taken on a task that few would desire. Rebecca Kudryavsky is one example of that kind of individual. Rebecca, originally from the capital of the Entertainment industry, California chose New York to make her mark in the world.

As a young college student Rebecca was drawn to nursing and studied in that field maintaining a 4.0 average. When she was in High School she volunteered at local hospitals. She married at a very young age and still attended school until she had her first child, Michael. After his birth she continued her coursework then had to stop again due to the birth of her second child, Anna. But that did not stop Rebecca from her path.

Yet due to the workload and being a mother she had to postpone completing her coursework and became a stay at home mom. She had completed the certain requirements yet was short only six credits to finish. In the interim she attempted to develop some form of at home business but it was not working.

At that time, her now ex-husband was not permitting her to advance herself in the field let alone join the workforce. She soon became desperate for a change. Rebecca was determined to improve her life in some way. Hence, she decided to take on acting after being drawn to a TV program she was watching.

I was home watching this program and was impressed at the success these people have amassed doing what I can possibly do. Then I just went ahead and tried to make it happen.

She then joined an agency and was offered to be an audience member. Rebecca excelled at it which led her to be chosen as an extra. After that she was offered a spot on Gossip Girls which enabled her to receive her SAG card. Then she kept doing as many films as she could.

When I was on the set with Bruce Willis I constantly asked him questions about the field and that led to me taking acting classes. Bruce in turn approached the producer and asked that I be called back for more work.

She became more knowledgeable in the field and took up many classes which led to bigger parts like being a grand juror on Law & Order, and many others. Given her impressive memory she was able to be at the top of her acting class. During this time of enlightenment things went bad in her personal life. She soon separated from her abusive husband and became a single mom. But this did not deter her from her desire to be in the spotlight.

She went into modeling and approached acting with a real fervor. She walked down runways and still does; she went to Barbizon as well as other modeling schools. She also competed in IMTA as a model, actress and singer. In addition, she became a promotional model as well which she still does till this day.

I was focusing on my children and just last September began working in Real Estate which I am still currently doing. Yet I kept perusing acting through Plays and Independent Films. Besides that I began studying to be a producer and hosting TV shows. I am trying to do as much as I can and still have time to be a mom.

Rebecca also has appeared in some Off Broadway shows like Miracle on Mulberry Street by John Pallotta in September 2008- February 2009 (she had 4 roles in that play), Scandal in Manhattan by Bobby Holder in June of 2008 as well as many more. In film, she starred in Little West 12th Street by Scott Brooks which she just had a premiere and the short Ordinance H5n1 by director Ramel Sherman in January 2008.

She also performed a monologue Live at the Quarterfinals in October of 2008. She hosted a live Rap concert in May 2008 in Philadelphia. She also appeared in the Sophomore with Bruce Willis, in 2008. Presently, she has a main role in the feature film Juan and Emmett: by Allen Baxter which she is currently still filming. It is a feature film that will be on Netflix and in stores like Wal-Mart.

It is a dramatic piece that delves into the world of a corporate attorney who accepts his homosexuality and ends up in a bind along with his lover against the mob. She has a main role in the pilot entitled Barry Finklemyer by: Carlos Gonzales. In addition to that currently she is also starring in an episodic pilot by Angelko Marco called "Actors are More Fun".This TV show is something like Seinfeld meets Sex and the City and the slogan of the show will be Sex is out, Actors are In.

Presently, she is a host for MNN on two shows and performs in a third show. The first show is called If you Wanna be a Star which Mob Candy was a guest back in April of 2009. It airs live every Tuesday night at 11pm on channel 56 in NYC and world wide on the internet and then is put on You- Tube. She hosts and co- directs this show and it is similar to American Idol meets Fear Factor. It airs every Tuesday at 11pm on channel 56 in Manhattan and at elsewhere and the best performances can be seen at where actors and comedians can get information on how to audition for the show.

Rebecca is also about to take over this show as director and producer in October 2009 and still remain the Main Host as well. The second show is called Manhattan Moments which also airs every Tuesday but is not live at 8pm. The third show is by Annette Hollander where Rebecca is a pussy cat doll.

When it comes to Modeling Rebecca has been quite busy; but her main focus has been on an upcoming show which is due in the beginning of 2010. The show is entitled The Life of an Entertainer which she will soon be shooting. She will be starring in the commercials for that as well. It will be on cable channel 55 which goes out to 8.3 million homes from Pennsylvania, all of New Jersey and all of New York.

She is making a website for her show as well. The other show she is in the process of doing is going to be a talk show on MNN about the subject of Love due out in October, 2009. Besides all the acting and modeling Rebecca is in the process of finishing up her third book and has an editor editing the first two books as we speak.

My major goal right now is my production The Life Of An Entertainer and I know it will be a success. I have no doubt in my mind. I will have many celebrities to interview. I am very excited. As a producer or writer your desire is to entertain and bring some happiness and laughter to your audience which is my main goal for this show.

There are those that walk through the door and those that only get half way though. Rebecca is a single mom/ multi talented individual on a mission that is due to be a success and make some real waves in the industry.