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by Nick Christophers Johnny Rocks born and raised in Queens, (now residing in Manhattan) started his career in music at a very young age. Johnny learned to play piano and his father taught him to ...

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by Nick Christophers

Johnny Rocks born and raised in Queens, (now residing in Manhattan) started his career in music at a very young age. Johnny learned to play piano and his father taught him to play the trumpet. While Johnny wasn't singing in the school choir he was playing in the school band. He later was inspired to dance watching American Bandstand & Soul Train on TV. Johnny loved rhythm and so he joined the Arthur Murray School of dance in 1977. Getting into nightclubs and dancing to the music of the day was a huge inspiration to him.

Eventually he would move on to doing his Masters at Jacksonville, Florida. He would soon pitch an idea to WAPE 95.1 a local popular radio station, about a mixshow. The program director at the time Jeff McCartney (who is now with HITS Magazine) welcomed Johnny s idea. His show ended up being the number one most listened to show for over twelve years. Johnny made a big name for himself. He became a resident DJ at the Underground Nightclub The Edge where he played with other top DJ s like: DJ Icey, Chemical Brothers, Sasha, Dave Cannalte and more.

He soon returned to New York and was hired at WKTU 103.5, New York City s top new Dance Music Radio Station. At KTU, he joined such DJ talent & mixmasters like Jelly Bean Benitez, Paul Okenfold and David Morales.
In 2004 Johnny was nominated for
Mixshow DJ of the year for the New York AIR Awards.

Around this same time, Johnny began Johnny Rocks Productions producing and directing his own music, shows, events and private affairs for specific people & organizations.
Johnny advanced quickly producing & remixing music. Some of the A-List talent that Johnny has remixed music for are: Madonna, Cher, Celine Dion & Mariah Carey.

Recently Johnny Rocks (as Artist) has released his new CD / EP entitled:
Dance with My Godfather a brilliant Remixed Medley of the music from the blockbuster motion picture The Godfather.
Also on the CD is Johnny s magnificent festive dance version of the Luna Mezz o Mare featuring a lovely vocalist with soaring vocals Alessandra Valentino from Naples Italy.
Johnny Rocks Luna Mezz o Mare f/. Alessandra.

The revenue he has made from CD sales at the events, he has put it back into the CD. He has moved to promote Dance With My Godfather on various radio stations. I will continue to advertise and do interviews to buzz the CD. I have done the Joey Reynolds Show here in NY and The Wiseguy Show on Sirius Satelite Radio. It will eventually create enough interest that it might even appear in a movie score. But I really would prefer a video for Dance With My Godfather.

The Godfather was always and still is Johnny s favorite film from the first time he watched it. He studied the movie for many years. Since Johnny played the Trumpet and Piano, The Godfather movie s music score was of great interest to him.
The original musical compositions of The Godfather were created by Carmine Coppola and Nino Rota. Those two gifted composers were always of a great deal of inspiration to Johnny.
In further speaking about his new CD Johnny Rocks Dance With My Godfather, Johnny said:,

I wanted a challenge for my next remix production and I took my drive from the movies director Francis Ford Coppola. Francis is one of my most influential role models. I was deeply inspired with his determination and the research, time, effort, sweat and focus that he put into the film forging ahead to accomplishing a magnificent picture. As Paramount kept placing roadblocks in his way, he kept moving forward creating one of the best motion pictures ever made. The move is truly a study.
In producing my CD Dance With My Godfather, I sought to challenge myself, while remixing the CD. It was imperative that I maintain the integrity of the movies original compositions.
I wanted my CD to sound exactly like the music from the motion picture. The same feelings derived in the sound that we all know from the movie. My goal was set then accomplished.
Johnny Rocks had to make each instruments sound authentic. It took him almost four years to complete the full project. Johnny s partner Joe Carrano who has worked with Johnny in the past on music for Madonna, Celine Dion and Cher was a great benefit. Joe is one of the best in the business. He was on the same page with me along the whole way. He had to envision the project as I saw it and together we made it timeless. Yes, just like the Movie.

The American release of Dance With My Godfather has six cuts on it and the Import version from Italy will include 4 other exclusive mixes. The project which is a timeless novelty with its mainstream feel is perfect for almost any occasion. It is suitable for mobile DJ s, festivals, arenas or just people who love the Godfather. It is an impressive compilation any Godfather fan would have to add it to his collection of music.

On films like The Godfather, Goodfellas, Donnie Brasco, A Bronx Tale and the The Gangster Chronicles, Johnny said; You can absorb a lot from these films. Such as the Importance of keeping your word, respecting others, maintaining friendships, not being concerned with other people s affairs and doing right by people in general. That s me, that s the way I go through life and that s why I love the movie The Godfather.
These things you cannot learn in school, yet they are what s most important as you go through life dealing with people. You can see the good things that come out of these films not only the negative.

Johnny Rocks has definitely made a Big name for himself in the music business. From The DJ Booth to his fine work in the Studios Johnny loves being creative through producing music. Rocks still has his residency at the The City Lounge inside the Radisson Hotel in New Rochelle, NY. He mixes music there on a Saturday once a month.
People from all over the Tri-State area come to see him spin his special blend of Dance Music.

Johnny Rocks Dance With My Godfather.