Add Some Star Spangled Style to Your Patriotic Wedding Theme!

Plan the perfect patriotic wedding with these helpful ideas!

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May weddings are quite common, it is right before summer when the heat starts to take over and right after the rainy month of April. Although wedding planning can be a wonderful and memorable time for couples, it can also become very stressful. One thing that can make planning easier is agreeing on a theme you both like. Having a theme for your wedding will help you narrow it down when it comes to planning out the details of your big day. This includes the invitations, centerpieces, decor and more! 
A great idea for a May wedding is a patriotic style celebration, in honor of Memorial Day. This theme isn’t for everyone, but the ideas used can be put into any style wedding by making a few slight changes. Patriotic weddings are a great idea for Military families or for those who would like to show their pride in their country. Check out these neat ideas to help create your ideal patriotic themed wedding:
Red, white and blue colors come to mind while planning a patriotic themed wedding. You can include all these colors into your invitations or you can choose something more simple by having a white invitation with red or blue font. If you want to go all out, you can make the entire invitation an American flag, with black or white font over it. If this idea is too much for you, pick out some white and red striped invitations or white and blue starry ones! Another fun and simple idea is to add red and blue ribbon to the top of an all white invitation. 
Bridal Party
A pleasing idea to add some patriotism to your bridal party is to add a hint of color to the dresses by using a ribbon or bow. Or, you can have your bridesmaids wear a royal red dress with white heels, or navy blue dresses with white heels. You can mix and match the colors as you like! For the bride, add a subtle pop of color by wearing a navy or red pair of shoes or by placing a fun and colorful flower to your hair. For the men, they can simply wear red or blue ties with a small white flower above their jacket pockets.
There are a bunch of great centerpiece ideas that can be used to add the perfect touch to your patriotic tables. A fun choice is to have mason jars set up with a bouquet of red, white and blue flowers. You can even decorate the mason jars with stars and stripes if desired. Along with these floral arrangements, you can add old milk jars with patriotic straws. Attach a navy blue star cut out to the milk jar with the table number written on it. This will add a nice touch and will save room on the table as well! 
To throw the perfect patriotic wedding, you must have wonderful decor to match your theme. Place mini American flags in necessary spots (lining the aisle, on your wedding cake, at the food and card tables, etc.) The more red, white and blue, the better! If you are having an outdoor wedding, spray paint white stars onto the grass for an extremely one of a kind decoration. The bright white stars will not only look amazing in person, but will stand out in photos, too! For your balloons, set up a bunch over each table. You can mix up the colors and do red, white and blue all in a bunch together or you can separate the colors and do one over each table. Set up your tables with red, white and blue tablecloths or use a white overlay so the color shows underneath!
You want to thank your wedding guests by giving them a favor at the end of the night that they can put to use and have some fun with! Give each guest a set of patriotic sparklers (decorated with red, white and blue, of course!) This is a unique idea that your guests will surely enjoy and remember when looking back at your special day.
These patriotic style wedding suggestions will surely make your wedding day a remarkable and enjoyable one for you and your guests! The three different colors you can use really makes it a lot easier to choose details, rather than just sticking to one or two colors. Switch things up the way you wish to create the wedding you have always hoped for!