Adding Family Tradition to Your Wedding!

If you want to give a little nod to your family at your wedding, check out these tips!

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Many brides and grooms are very close to their families and wish to include as much of them as they can in their weddings. Adding some tradition into your big day usually does this, something that has been passed down from your family or is just generally old fashioned. There are many family traditions to consider when planning your wedding day. There is always using your mother’s dress or including something from their wedding. The most important thing to do is to make sure that you’re sending the right message to your family if you are trying to make them feel included. And always ask them before you take any of their old things!

The classic women’s idea when looking to borrow something from her mother or grandmother’s wedding is to look at the wedding dress. Many wedding dresses from decades ago are terribly out of style, or just retro enough. If you are going for a vintage feel to your day then your mother or grandmother’s lace filled dress could be just the ticket. Or you can always take a little bit of the dress and add it on to your own. Take the dress to your tailor or bridal shop and see if there is any way to update it as well. This homage to your family will be heartfelt and is sure to hit home with your mother or grandmother.

If you are looking for something a little more long lasting you can always go to the rings. It is a lovely tradition to pass down old wedding rings and keep them in the family. Ask your parents if there are any that they have kept for safe keeping from previous generations. If they are not already engraved then you can make them a little more personal by engraving them with your own words.  It is definitely a wonderful feeling to have a little bit of family always on your finger!

If the looks are right, then there is also the possibility of using the same wedding topper as your parents on your wedding cake. This thoughtful little touch will mean the world to your parents, as they will feel included in the most special day of your life. You can make them feel even more included if you give them a little shout out, explaining that the wedding topper was originally theirs when you cut the cake!

If none of those traditional things work for you then you can always talk to your parents about using something else from their wedding say or from their parents wedding day. Using the same song for your first dance is especially popular for those looking to give a little nod to the older generation. The point is to include your family in the most important day of your life as a thank you for getting you this far!