Planning the Ideal Spring Time Wedding Without Breaking the Bank

Check out these great spring time wedding ideas that are sure to be the ideal addition to your special day!

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Spring is finally here - which means the beautiful weather is right around the corner! Most couples choose this wonderful season to celebrate their wedding, making it a very popular time to plan. Spring is all about the flowers and finally being able to spend time outdoors. Incorporate this into your wedding planning by adding lots of flowers and greenery to your décor.

Plan to have an outdoor wedding, or bring the outside in with some outdoorsy decorations. The weather is great most of the time, not too hold and not too cold and the spring time themes are endless! Since April is a popular time for rain though, it may be best to plan an indoor wedding, or set up some chic tents outdoors to keep guests dry.

There are countless ideas to help turn your wedding into the perfect spring time celebration, but because this time of year is a bit busier than others, making it more expensive, we have some DIY ideas that can be helpful when it comes to sticking to your budget.

Tulips in Pastel Painted Mason Jars - Tulips are not only beautifully colored, but they represent spring time also. A simple centerpiece made from mason jars will be the perfect touch to add to your wedding tables. Paint the mason jars with pastel colors or with colors that match your theme, and place tulips inside for a fun and colorful centerpiece. If you aren’t a fan of tulips, use any type of flower or greenery to go along with your theme.

White Whimsical Lanterns - Purchase some lanterns at a local store or online and paint them white if they are not already. Be sure to purchase ones that can open up, this way you can place flowers inside. You can also use others items to put inside the lantern, such as candles or even the table number. By putting the table number inside, it will create more space at the table for your guests.

Upside Down Wine Glasses - Wine glasses don’t have to be expensive; they can be found at your local dollar store and can be used as great centerpieces! All you have to do is turn them upside down, with a flower underneath that matches your theme. Then place a candle on the top to add a bright touch. If you look for these items in the right places, your centerpieces are sure not to break the bank.

Spring Accents for Your Bridal Party
Floral Crowns - Floral crowns are a great idea for a spring time wedding, especially one that is outdoors. You can have your bridesmaids wear a crown full of your favorite flowers, or you can just have the flower girl wear it if you don’t want too much floral.

Spring Colors - A fun way to represent spring is to incorporate colors such as baby blue, light pink, light green, yellow and lavender into your theme. You can add a subtle touch to each bridesmaid dress by adding a ribbon to it, or you can go all the way by having each girl wear a different pastel color. If the dresses are too much for your liking, have each girl wear a pair of heels with a neutral colored dress to add a fun pop of color!

Spring Bouquets - An exciting way to create spring time bouquets is to make them out of paper! Some brides may not like this idea when they hear it but it sure does look beautiful once it is finished. Incorporate the spring colors to your bouquets as well by using pastel colored tissue paper. If you’re interested in real flowers for your bouquet, tulips are a wonderful choice or you can go with any bright colored flowers to make the arrangement really stand out.

Spring Décor
Ruffled Flower Chairs - Add some color to the chairs by placing a ruffled flower to the back of it. This is a fun alternative to using a sash or a ribbon and it will add to your pretty spring theme! You can even put the ruffled flowers on the bride and groom chairs only, using a spring colored sash or ribbon for the guest’s chairs.

Lemonade Stand - A lemonade stand is an exciting addition and can be set up for just the kids, or for everyone at the party! This will add a hint of spring to the celebration and will cool your guests down after a night full of dancing. Place a bunch of lemons in the water to add another effortless pop of color.

Treat Table - Satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth by creating a fun and trendy candy table. You can stick to your color theme with this idea or you can simply add anything and everything! This idea too, is great for the kids and is sure to be a hit with the adults as well.

These great ideas will allow your creative side to show on a day you will remember for the rest of your life. It will be nice to look back and know you put your own personal touch on things and made it an enjoyable and memorable time for everyone!

Have a great spring time wedding idea? Share with us by commenting below!