DIY Winter Wedding Centerpieces - Simple, Fun & Cost Efficient

For those of you braving the cold and planning a winter wedding, we have the perfect seasonal centerpiece ideas for your big day!

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Weddings can be extremely expensive, but centerpieces are an item on your list that don’t have to be. Save some money by creating your own and doing some bargain shopping for the supplies.
If you’re still unsure which color scheme to go with for your special day, most of these ideas can be made ahead of time so you can still add a burst of color once you decide. Take a look at these innovative ideas and check an item off your to-do list!
Winter White Glitter Bottles
Go for a winter wonderland theme with these white glitter creations made from empty wine bottles. You’ll be surprised at what a charming centerpiece a bottle can make once it is fancied up a bit. To begin, clean out any size bottle you would like before spray painting it a winter white. Add an extreme touch of sparkle with some silver glitter to make it pop and once the bottle is dry, place branches or flowers matching your theme inside. If you want to add even more decoration, attach some jewels and paint a number on the bottle to use as a table counter. This way, you’re saving on centerpieces and table number cards!
Wood Chunk Arrangements
If you’re interested in having a rustic-style winter wedding, these assorted wood chunk centerpieces will prove to be the ideal look. Choose a variety of different sizes of wood chunks, clean cut at the top so they’re nice and flat. Place an item of your choice to sit on the wood, such as candles, flowers, lanterns or fabric to match your tables. To add to the rustic theme, place pinecones or fake leaves around the centerpiece.
Tree of Draping Jewels
The tree of draping jewels is a great choice if you’re looking to have a large centerpiece that makes a bold, graceful statement. Purchase some fake white, snowy branches at a local flower shop or craft store (you can spray paint them yourself too) and place them inside a tall, clear cylinder or glass vase of your choice. You can add some marbles or seasonal ornaments to the bottom of the glass to keep the branch in place. Once it is sturdy, decorate the tree with hanging tear drop shaped crystals. If you want more of a winter style, use hanging snowflakes as an alternative. You will certainly be impressed with this wonderful display and it is sure to capture the attention of your guests!
Candle-Lit Paper Lanterns
Get a super elegant look by creating glowing paper lanterns for the center of your tables. It is inexpensive and simple to make, plus it adds a soft touch to your winter décor. Use a flameless candle to put in the center of the lantern so you can avoid any trouble if someone knocks it over. Once the candle is inside, you can add some decorations to the outside of the lantern such as crystals or fake snow to complete your theme. Or, just use the candle if you would like to keep things simple.
Mason Jar Centerpieces
Mason jars have become a popular trend amongst weddings and other celebrations in the past year. We have a couple of different creations you can put together utilizing mason jars. You can keep it simple by placing a piece of burlap or ribbon around the jar and adding a pretty accent to it, such as a pearl to stick with the winter white theme. If you want a classier look, use lace instead of burlap. Leave it as is, or add a candle to the inside for a pleasant touch. Get a bit more creative and spray paint your jars white and stick some flourishing flowers inside to match the rest of your décor. Then, add a ribbon around the jar to complete the display.   
Once you choose a centerpiece and complete it, you will feel satisfied knowing you put your hard work into it and that others loved it. Keep a centerpiece for yourself to save as a keepsake so you can look back on it and remind yourself of your creative side! Creating things yourself can really help keep the cost down also, making it easier for you to spend a couple extra dollars on that perfect honeymoon spot!
Have a great winter wedding centerpiece idea you would like to share with us?
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