10 Summer Wedding Ideas Long Islanders Will Love!


Check out these fun tips for your summer wedding!

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As June begins so does Summer fast approach. With the weather already heating up brides to be are planning their summer weddings either for this year or the next. Most are looking for that little something that will make their wedding stand out. LongIsland.com has compiled a list of this season’s hottest trends for your wedding this summer! This is the season to be bold with color and design, so don’t be afraid to check out these tips!

1. Tangerine: This bold orange shade is all the rage this season. Playing up this spring’s it color, peach, this shade will bring a burst of color into your wedding day. Think about using this color in the bridesmaid dress, a sash across the wedding dress, or on your cake!

2. Mason Jars: These cute little jars have been all the rage this year and will become even more popular in the summer months. You can use these jars to serve drinks, hold centerpieces, or serve food such as little candies for dessert. They are also very popular to use as candleholders for outdoor weddings!

3. Cherries: This tiny fruits play into the bold colors that are taking over the summer. Using cherries to decorate your cake or centerpieces is all the rage this summer, especially when paired with bright colors such as oranges or yellows. If you’re looking to be a little extra daring you can even look for cherry themed jewelry to compliment your bridesmaids!

4. Paisley: While paisley might seem a little drab and old-fashioned to some, when paired with the right colors it can make your wedding invitations burst to life! Summer is the time for bright and bold colors, which turns your grandmother’s paisley into something much more hip and trendy! Use this design on your invitations and to decorate your reception!

5. Fruit Centerpieces: Everyone enjoys a piece of refreshing fruit on a hot summer’s day. Using the previously mentioned mason jars you can make a number of adorable centerpieces. Taking fruits such as lemons, limes, oranges, and even strawberries, you can fill jars with sliced fruits for a creative and very summery centerpiece.

6. Lemonade: Lemonade is the nectar of the summer so there is no reason that is should not be served at your summer wedding! You can use lemonade as a virgin drink to serve to the children and also can be mixed with different alcohols for the adults.

7. Floral Hairpieces: Summer is the season of bright flowers and nature. Take some of the flowers that you are using in your centerpiece and or bouquet and weave them into your hairpiece or into any braids that might be in place. The effect is very summer and chic!

8. S’mores: This summer classic is a great addition to the traditional wedding cake! This can be done using chocolate fondue fountains or creating small bonfires at an outdoor wedding, which is also very trendy right now!

9. Food Trucks: Food trucks are all the rage right now whether it be as an alternative to a buffet or served dinner, or as a simple supplement. Food trucks come in all sorts of varieties such as cupcakes, French fries, grilled cheese, and more!

10. Jeweled Bouquet: Lastly, your bouquet does not have to simple be flowers anymore. This unique alternative to a floral arrangement is becoming very trendy at the moment and will be all the rage this season. You can find florists who will add some gems to your bouquet or simply have a bouquet made completely of jeweled flowers!