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DIY: Wedding Albums!

Put together a beautiful wedding story!

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After the wedding is said and done, the bride and groom are left with tons of memories in the form of photographs. These are the things that you will keep forever to show your friends and grandkids the story of your wedding day. Putting together a photo album is no easy feat, there are many ways to have fun with your album and make it a true reflection of your wedding. Lets take a look at some of the ways you can turn all your pictures and turn them in to a dream wedding album!

First thing is first with any group of pictures that you’re looking to put into an album, sorting them out. This it to make sure you get the crème of the crop when it comes to the pictures that you will include in your album. Go through and take out any of the bad ones that were taken by guests at the tables or any from the professional photographer that might have someone blinking or making an unattractive face. Take these pictures, a good number would be around 30, and set them aside. Take all of your other pictures and put them in a keepsake box, just because they aren’t album worthy doesn’t mean that they aren’t cherished memories!

The next step would be to further sort the photos. Your album should probably be in chronological order of the day, so it tells like a story. Start with pictures of yourself getting ready as well as the other bridesmaids and groomsmen. Keep up with this trend; think back on your day and what happened in order. Separate these into groups like you would chapters. You can put a title page in front of each section if you would like in the book.  Once you have everything in piles and sections you are ready to go!

There are two ways you can proceed with the album next, you can either go online and use one of the many do it yourself websites that allow you to put your own creative touch while still having a professional service or keep up with the DIY! To do this you have to choose an album, you can find these at any of your local craft stores or bookstores. This is also when you raid the scrapbook section as well! Look through all the different papers and materials to figure out exactly where you want your album to go. You’ll really be able to put everything together once you see your options and get inspired by what you find.

Once you have all these things the rest is in your hands! You can make your album as creative or as sophisticated as you’d like. You can layer it with lace or keep it simple with matte metallic papers. Take a look at all the different accessories to you can add to the pages and make an album you’ll be proud of. As long as you create your wedding story, you’ve got an amazing album!