PSA tests - Detect the Prostate cancer in men

If a man is been diagnosed to a prostate cancer then to check the level of the cancer one has to go for a PSA test

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PSA tests

is been used to detect the effectiveness of the prostate cancer if one is been diagnosed to it. In this test it checks the level of the PSA present in the blood which according to it one can treat the disease. It is a type of protein which is been produced by the prostate gland cells. This PSA are been mostly found in the men's serum in very small quantity with healthy prostate. But such kind of proteins are been destroyed when one is been diagnosed to the prostate cancer or any other disorders of prostate. To detect the cancer cells in the blood one recommend for a PSA test. When a person is diagnosed to the cancer basically it is referred with two types of forms of Prostate Specific Antigen one is been the free one and other is the complexed one. The test helps to detect the whether the person is been diagnosed to free one or the complexed one.

With the help of it one can measure that for how much level this PSA exists. To perform a test there are certain procedure which a men should go through. Firstly the blood is been taken from the veins at the back side of the elbow and then this blood is been taken in a tube shaped bottle. Then later the blood is been send to laborites to check if the person is been diagnosed to prostate cancer. The PSA test is recommended by many expert doctors to screen that whether a person is diagnosed to the cancer or to keep a follow of a patient to check whether the cancer come back. Mostly the PSA level is been normal or abnormal. Many people thing that if one goes for this test can get diagnosed to the cancer. It is a very false thing which is been proved by many doctors and researchers.

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