Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer- Medicine to get rid from the cancer cells

DCIS breast cancer is an early stage of breast cancer with 0% stage level compared to the long time breast cancer

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When a person here a word cancer, it is like a shock and scary to them. But when a woman hears a word breast cancer or any other cancer, it's like a world going to end. Cancer can be of any type, it may be serious or also small. But for a women breast cancer is like a big issue. Those who suffer face lots of problem. But here is the disease which is the beginning stage of breast cancer called

dcis breast cancer

. DCIS is known as ductal carcinoma in situ. This DCIS is curable than the breast cancer which remains for a long time. The cells of DCIS are found growing in the ducts of the breast. These cells does not spread into the other body parts of a person if diagnosed, it remains in ducts. Cells are grown in the milk duct of the breast. It is also 0% stage as compared to breast cancer. Even if the stage level is 0% one cannot take it lightly, it can later change into true cancer cells if not treated


chemotherapy for breast cancer

, medicines are used to weaken and kill the cancer cells in the breasts. Breast cancer is a silent killer disease which kills many women's in a year who are diagnosed to it. Before the cell grows more consult a doctor to take a proper treatment to stop or lower the growth of cancer cells. Chemotherapy for breast cancer aim is to get rid of the cancer cells that are present and also remove rest of the cells present even after doing surgery which may invite the cancer back. It is also used to destroy as much as cancer cells present and see to it that they are damaged. In some of the cases, to shrink the cancer cells before surgery chemotherapy for breast cancer is given.

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