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Friendships That Have Lasted Decades

A walk down memory lane with lifelong friends.

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When I was a Girl Scout many decades ago, we sang a song "Make New Friends."  The lyrics are...Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, the other is gold. I am fortunate enough to have platinum friends!  How many 40-somethings can say that they are still close with friends from elementary school?  Or that their children are friends?  I can say yes to both.  We grew up with only two sections of each grade and were together for so many years.  We even had a 25th anniversary reunion of our elementary school graduating class.  It was amazing to walk down memory lane with these lifelong friends. 

Keeping in touch is so much easier with social media these days.  It is nice to know what is going on in everyone's lives.  It is great to see that the class clown has done some real stand-up comedy, the music lover works in that industry and the social butterfly is in communications

We have been together for happy times-weddings, birth of children and now unfortunately the death of a parent.  The history that we share as classmates, friends and neighbors make us who we are today.  You have to know where you come from to know where you are going.

I often wonder if my kids will remain friends with their classmates later in life.  How have the changes in the world changed childhood?  Will these kids be in my son's bridal party or will they just be faces in a yearbook?  So many unknown variables.  But the life lesson is showing our children what the meaning of a true friendship is.

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