Getting Life Back in Order after the Holidays

The high of the holidays and the New Year has simmered down. Now it's time to get life back in order with these tips.

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It’s no surprise that around the holidays people are on a high. There’s the rush to shop for presents, opportunity upon opportunity to indulge in sweets and drinks at holiday parties and the temptation to focus on all things holiday, leaving regular tasks by the wayside.

But now that the holidays have passed and the New Year has begun, the slowdown can have people feeling down in the dumps. Reality is setting in about sleep, exercise, diet, budget and the mess around the living quarters.

It can be hard to switch gears from the high of the holidays, but with small steps everyone can get life back in order and feel reenergized for the year ahead.

Here are tips to help:

  • Get in enough hours of sleep.
    If you’ve been skimping on sleep through the holidays, it’s time to get back on track by putting in the proper amount of sleep. Get back into a routine of waking up and going to bed at the same time everyday for a good 7 to 8 hours of sleep. When you don’t put in the proper hours or have an irregular sleep schedule, you may find yourself groggy.

  • Get in the mini-workout.
    Sleep may not be the only thing that took a back seat around the holidays, so has regular exercise. If that’s the case, we know it can be hard to jump back into it full blast, so start with daily mini-workouts. Some exercise is better than none. Consider 10-minutes workouts for the morning, during lunch and in the evening. Even a brisk walk or yoga and stretching for 10 minutes will help make a difference.

  • Restock the fridge with healthy food.
    Holiday chocolates and sweet pies are hard to resist but if you want to get back into a healthy lifestyle, the best way to do that is to rid your home of such temptations. Go to the grocery store to restock on healthy options so you’ll get back on track to preparing and eating healthier meals.

  • Check the budget.
    Between the temptations of Black Friday deals and the need to purchase holiday presents, you’ve probably cracked the budget. It’s time to get back on track and assess what damage has been done. Once you’ve assessed the situation, you can think about where you may need to cut back to help get back on track. If you didn’t have a budget before, it’s time to establish one to start the year right. Take tips on starting 2015 off on a frugal foot.

  • Clean up tackling one small area at a time.
    It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when the entire house needs tidying up, so take small steps. Zone in on a particular area of the home and focus on tackling that one area – not worrying about anywhere else. Slowly move on to the next area once the other area is under control.

Photo by Stephanie Hofschlaeger, via Free Images.