South Nassau Communities Hospital and Huntington Hospital to Receive the New York State AMT Children of Hope Torch of Life Award

South Nassau Communities Hospital will receive the “Torch of Life Award.”

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Oceanside, NY - December 18, 2014 - South Nassau Communities Hospital will receive the “Torch of Life Award.” On the same day at 13:00hrs. Huntington Hospital in Suffolk County will also receive the “Torch of Life Award.” Both hospitals are receiving the awards for their actions in saving the lives of newborns in their perspective counties.

In the past 10 days, 4 expectant birthmothers in crisis have been aided through the New York State AMT Children of Hope Safe Haven crisis hot line as per president/director, Timothy Jaccard. In 2000, Jaccard helped author the Safe Haven bill that was passed in New York State, providing individuals in crisis with an option to safely relinquish an infant at a hospital, fire station or police station or with any responsible individual with no legal repercussions and no questions asked. Over the past decade, Jaccard as president of the National Safe Haven Alliance in Washington DC, has been instrumental in the adoption of the safe haven laws in all 50 states. This year 17 newborns have been received at local hospitals/fire stations and 2,892 babies have been safely relinquished nationally.

The AMT Children of Hope Foundation was founded in 1998 in response to a number of abandoned deceased newborns discovered in our communities. The organization — comprised of members of the Nassau County Police Department AMTs, state and local healthcare workers and civilians — provides dignified burials for innocent children lost to unsafe abandonment, and is committed to ending such horrific tragedies.

The AMT Children of Hope Foundation operates a 24/7 emergency hotline to offer assistance to individuals in crisis who are pregnant and have nowhere to turn. In 2013, the hotline received 2,251 calls. The organization provides support giving birthmothers the options to either parent their child, make an adoption plan through a licensed adoption agency or relinquishment through the Safe Haven law.