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From Planes to Flight: August 19th is National Aviation Day!

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August 19th is National Aviation Day! Check out the various ways to celebrate the science of aeronautics.

In 1939, by presidential decree, August 19th, Orville Wright's birthday, became known as National Aviation Day. The day was created to promote activities that will spring interest in aviation. 

Technology has come a long way and, now, flying is frequent and, for some, a necessity. Flying may be common, but there is years of science behind the development of planes. Because transportation is so important to our nation, there is still a need for research and advancement in aeronautics, the science of flight. 

Long Island has a rich history of aviation. Charles Lindbergh took her historic flight from Long Island to Paris, changing the world of aviation with introducing the ability to fly overseas. Also, a lot of naval aviation took place on Long Island. The names of Grumman and  Republic might sound familiar because they were apart of the aviation development.

So, celebrate the science of aviation in anyway you feel you can. You can simply making paper airplanes! But, if you need a more hands-on experience, check out the great museums and locations to celebrate and learn about aviation.

  • Grumman Memorial Park - Calverton
    This is more than a park. It pays tribute to the advances in aviation and aerospace that took place on Long Island. This dedication and effort of a group of employees of Grumman Corporation took aviation from the flight deck of a Navy carrier to man's first steps on the moon.
  • Cradle of Aviation - Garden City
    This museum on Museum Row is an aerospace museum located on land that was at one time apart of Mitchel Air Force Base, just one of many historic flight locations in the area along with Roosevelt Field. At the great museum visitors are offer a look into aviation innovation.
  • Long Island Republic Airport Historical Society - Farmingdale
    This society's goal is the preserving and disseminating Republic Airport's rich aviation history and to honor the memory of those who have contributed to airplane manufacturing and aviation at the airport since 1927.
  • American Airpower Museum - Farmingdale
    The museum offers a unique walk-through experience in the hangers and control towers used to prepare planes and pilots for action in World War II and showcases a collection of vintage airplanes. Additionally, visitors will be able to interact with historians and war veterans.

How will you celebrate National Aviation Day? Tell us in the comments below!

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