Celebrating Dad and Grads: Great Gifts for 2014 Graduates and Father's Day


June is a big month of celebration. With Father's Day on June 15th and graduations various weekends this month. Be prepared for your Dad and grad this month with a great gift in celebration.

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June is a great month for families and students. To help honor dads, Father's Day is June 15th and high school graduations are taking place all over the island. While one is a celebration for an important member of the family, graduates are also celebrating their completion of an academic milestone.

Developed in the early 1900s, Father's Day was created to commemorate fathers alive and ones who we have lost. 

On the other hand, graduates are celebrating the ending of one part of their lives and entering a new one. Some of these graduates will go on to college, military, or into the work force. Some graduates will look at high school as the best parts of their lives, but they should remember that the best is yet to come!

So, show your dads and grads some love and apperciation with some great gift ideas!

For Grads:

  • Electronic Organizer: Whether it is a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, managing time after graduation is important. 
  • Car: Seems a little predictable, but giving your grad a car will help them get to school and/or work.
  • Diploma Frame: Nothing like a frame to showcase their achievement!
  • A New Backpack: If your grad is going off to college, a new and more sophisticated bag might be what your grad needs.
  • Digital Camera: Have your grad start building memories with their very own digital camera.
  • Alarm Clock: A part of being an adult is being punctual. A good alarm clock is just what everyone needs to start the next chapter of one's life.
  • Money: Don't know what to get your grad? There is nothing wrong with giving them 

For Dads:

  • A Cool Electronic: Like grads, dads always love new laptops, smartphones, and tablets.
  • Some Made with Love: Dads love crafts and original artwork. Something made from the heart is always wonderful.
  • Take Him Out to Dinner: Bring the family together and share a meal with your dad.
  • Go Fishing: A little cliche, but there are a lot of dads who love to go fishing. 
  • A Round of Golf: Reserve a tee time and take dad to one of the many golf courses on the island. 
  • Gift Card: Got a picky dad? Nothing is wrong with getting a gift card to your dad's favorite store.

What will you be getting your dads and grads this June? Tell us in the comments below!