Nassau County's Museum Row

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Long Island has a lot of great history that many people do not know about. Museums are a great way to learn something new about history, art, or science. Long Island is lucky enough to have many Museums. One of the most notable museums are on Museum Row.

Museum Row is located in Garden City in Nassau County. It consists of four museums that are high quality, unique, and different. There are aviation, children, firefighter, and science museums. You can spend a whole day visiting all museums or enjoy one at a time at your own leisure. 

Each museum is worth a visit, so check out these four museums that are so close to home.

Cradle of Aviation
At this museum, you will learn about the history of flight as you walk around a large timeline of historical events that have surrounded the science and technology of aviation. There is a focus on the connection of aviation to Long Island as well as model planes and artifacts. Sit in a fighter plane or watch how a airplane engine works. 

In addition to history, you can fly with the Blue Angels in their Ride Theater or watch a film in their dome theater. Of course, their sky theater planetarium is a must see.

The Nassau County Firefighter Museum and Education Center
This museum is focused on local heritage of the volunteer fire service in Nassau County. The museum's ultimate goal to to preserve history and educate guest about fire safety. 

What is interesting about this museum is that they collect, restore, and exhibit firefighting artifacts. You can see how much technology has changed when it comes to fire safety and truly understand the importance of it.

Long Island Children's Museum
Although it is called a children's museum, the whole family can have fun here. This museum gives guests a hands-on experience with science. The museum is separated into galleries such as, Brick & Stick, Communication Station, and Tool Box. Instead of just looking at the exhibits, guests can interact and I learn first hand.

Programs and workshops are available for families throughout the year and schools are capable of having field trips to the museum for their students.They even have a "Museum on the Go" if bringing students to the museum is not possible.

Long Island Museum for Science and Technology
This museum is still under construction, but it will have interactive exhibits about science and technology to develop the public's understanding of the importance of science. It will be connected to the Cradle of Aviation.