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No matter what the season, there is always plenty of fun happening across Long Island. From soaking up the sun on a warm summer's day, to checking out one of the amazing Fall Festivals happening locally this autumn, sledding down a local hillside in the winter, or welcoming spring at one of our amazing local parks - Long Island is home to a ton of fun year-round, no matter what you consider entertaining.

Whether the weather outside is very nice, or quite 'frightful,' you won't be missing out on enjoyable Long Island amusements. When it's cold and snowy bundle up and build a snowman out in the front yard, stay inside and play games or, if weather allows, drive out to the nearest movie theater to see what's playing. When it's warm and dry outside consider taking the whole family on a trip to a thrilling amusement park or visit a public beach to cool off. If the rain just won't let up plan an educational adventure at one of the many museums in Nassau County's Museum Row, you may even be able to fit in a few museum stops!

The fun never ends here on Long Island, no matter the season, so get out there and immerse yourself in all of the great things going on around you year-round.

Fall in Love with Autumn
Although the sizzling summer has come to a close autumn sweeps in with its own array of convivial activities. Take in the breathtaking bright orange, yellow and red foliage, get lost in a corn maze with some friends, or take the family out to pick their very own pumpkins. With so much to do during the fall months on Long Island you'll never be lacking in options for festive happenings.

Bundle Up for some Winter Fun
Sure, winter may be cold and snowy, but that doesn't stop this season from being jam packed with fun activities and merriment to be had on Long Island. Grab a sled and take a ride down a snowy hillside, try your hand at cross country skiing, or lace up your skates and visit one of the outdoor, or indoor, ice skating rinks on the Island. Just don't forget to dress warm!

Let Fun Bloom this Spring
The snow has melted and gone away and the atmosphere is beginning to warm up with the possibilities of spring. What better way to view the grace and charms of spring then at a local park or blossoming arboretum. Why not head out to the northern forks and tour wine country while you take in the scenic views. Explore the different hiking trails, or rent bikes and explore them that way. There are plenty of ways to celebrate the beauty and coming of spring, especially with so many pleasant occurrences and outdoor events happening this season.

Make a Splash this Summer
Summertime on Long Island is a great time to take advantage of the beautiful beaches, local attractions, and special happenings that only take place during the warmer months. Whether you're a beach bum, or prefer to spend your time off the sand, there truly are endless possibilities for unforgettable fun in the sunshine. Go get out there, soak up the sun, and enjoy some Long Island summer fun staples that just cannot be passed up.

There is always plenty to do here on Long Island - for even more of the best local activities and entertainment, check out our Things To Do Guide!