Spring Keeping: New Uses For Old Things


If you love DIY projects, then you’ll love these crafts that involve refurbishing old, unused things into new, useful things!

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Although it may not feel like it, Spring will be upon us soon and with Spring comes Spring cleaning! This Spring though, instead of Spring cleaning, consider Spring keeping by refurbishing old things that aren’t being used into new, useful things. Remember, one person’s garbage can become another person’s treasure - you simply need look at it from a new perspective!

Turn an Old Graphic Tank Top into a Tote Bag
You’ll need to get out your sewing kit for this one! Sew the opening bottom of your tank top together then put the straps of the tank top over your shoulder like a tote bag. Great to use as a gym bag!

Turn an Old Wine Bottle into a Vase
Pick your favorite old wine glass, fill it with water and place a few flowers in it to brighten up the room of your choice! You can take off the label and keep it plain, add a new decal, or simply keep the label on!

Turn a Bread Clasp into Wire Labels
Next time you get a loaf of bread for the house and it’s eaten through, don’t throw out that little plastic bread clasp! Take out a sharpie and write down, “TV, Computer, Radio, DVD Player, etc.” so that next you go to unplug an electronic you know which one you’re pulling out!

Turn an Old Picture Frame into a Vanity Tray
If you have an old picture frame at home that isn’t being used, turn it into a decorative, vanity tray to put all of your beauty items and knick-knacks on! Simply take the current photo out, put a patterned sheet of paper, solid color piece of paper, or fabric, in its place then set on your vanity to show-off!

Turn a Wine Glass into a Food Dip Holder
Next time you’re planning a party or get-together, fill a wine glass with salsa or guacamole, surround it with tortilla chips then take a chip for a dip!

Turn a Grater into an Earring Holder
Do you have one of those old metal, cheese graters around the house that you no longer use? Spray paint it a fun, new color then hang your earrings on it so they are easy to find in pairs and don’t get tangled!