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Start Indoor Gardening for the Arrival of Spring

You don't need to wait for spring to arrive to begin planting. Start with these indoor planting options!

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While the ground may still be coated with some snow, in just a few weeks Spring will arrive! If you want to get a head start on gardening, there are plenty of options on things you can start growing indoors so that by the arrival of Spring the plants can be transferred outdoors.

What You Need & What to Plant
There are certain herb and vegetables that can thrive indoors and it doesn’t take a lot to support a nurturing environment for it to grow.

  • Natural sunlight.
    If you have a window facing south or west, plants can receive a fair share of natural sunlight just being near the window sill. Under this type of lighting set up, the best choices for planting include root and leaf vegetables like radishes, carrots, beets and onions. Herbs like basil, bay, chervil, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage and thyme can also do well with natural sunlight at the window.

  • Grow light.
    If you want to expand your options for indoor planting, a grow light on top of natural sunlight can afford you the plant beginnings of things like strawberries and tomatoes.

  • Indoor Garden System.
    Gardening indoors is limitless considering consumers now also have the option of indoor garden systems. Plant as few or as many as you want (depending on space) with a miniature greenhouse system. Many of these systems come with the high output lights, seed kit and liquid nutrients to make set-up and gardening easy.

For additional tips to gardening, check out the Long Island Almanac – A Guide to Local Gardening that fully breaks down times to begin gardening, planting and harvesting.

Photo by A perfect1, via Free Images.