Legislator Anker Honors Middle Island Fire Dept. First Assistant Chief Bill Nevin


Assistant Chief Nevin helped save the life of a cyclist experiencing a cardiac arrest in May.

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(L to R): Middle Island Fire Department First Assistant Chief William Nevin and Suffolk County Legislator Sarah Anker.

Photo by: Office of Legislator Anker

At a recent general meeting of the Suffolk County Legislature, Legislator Sarah Anker thanked Middle Island Fire Department First Assistant Chief William Nevin for his heroic actions that helped save the life of a cyclist experiencing a cardiac arrest in May. Legislator Anker met with William Nevin and other fire department members including Chief of the Department Matthew Gropper, at the Middle Island Fire Department Headquarters during their monthly department meeting to present him with a proclamation and thank him for his quick-thinking and instinctive emergency response reaction that supported the cyclist during a critical time until further medical assistance could arrive.
“I would like to thank Bill for his quick decision making that saved the life of one of our community members,” said Legislator Anker. “I thank him for his commitment to service and the health and safety of our community, especially under such sudden circumstances. Our community is lucky to have dedicated EMTs and firefighters like Bill who are always on-call even when they’re not in uniform.”
In May of 2021, a local cyclist went into cardiac arrest during his ride through Port Jefferson. This incident occurred directly in front of St. Charles Hospital where William Nevin happened to be driving past the scene. Immediately recognizing the signs of a cardiac arrest, Nevin pulled over and retrieved an automated external defibrillator from his truck to provide emergency medical services to the cyclist as they waited for further medical assistance from the hospital staff. Medical professionals quickly arrived and went on to ensure the cyclist’s survival. Thanks to Nevin’s medical knowledge, adaptability, and loyalty to service, the cyclist is now home with his wife and children.
William Nevin joined the Middle Island Fire Department in 2004 and rose through the ranks to be elected as the Chief of the Department in 2015. Although he retired from that position two years later, he continued to be an active firefighter and was later elected once again to First Assistant Chief. Serving since 2015, Nevin is also an employed firefighter and EMT at Brookhaven National Laboratory Fire-Rescue. For more information, please contact Legislator Anker’s office at (631) 854-1600.