Bystanders Caught in Crossfire as NYPD Fires at Suspect Near Port Authority

Two women were struck by police during the apprehension of a crazed man running through the streets of Midtown.

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On Saturday night a man witnesses described as crazed and on drugs ran through the streets of Midtown Manhattan looking to get hit by a car. He was weaving in and out of traffic when officers arrived on the scene. Unfortunately two bystanders were struck in crossfire during the NYPD’s apprehension of the suspect by Port Authority Bus Terminal.
“The guy was like wandering in the street like he was lost, and he’s a pretty big guy,” Dave Carlin, a witness to the incident, told CBS. “There was one officer that was trying to get him to come out of the middle of traffic, and, I don’t know, he looked like he was on something because he kept trying to move and run, and he … dove in front of a car, and it almost ran him over.”
The suspect, Glenn Broadnax, 35, of Gates Avenue in Brooklyn, ran through the busy Midtown streets at about 10 p.m. Commissioner Ray Kelly says officers fired on Broadnax when he simulated he had a gun. The shots missed their targets and hit two women looking at the dizzying scene on West 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue. One woman, 54, was shot in the knee, and the other 35 suffered a graze wound to her buttocks. According to police both are fine and the woman shot in the knee requires surgery.
Broadnax was brought down by a taser and taken to Bellevue Hospital for any wounds he may have suffered. The first officer who fired on him was on the force for three years, and the other a year and a half.
The investigation is still ongoing and police have not released the name of the women. Broadnax is charged with Menacing, Obstructing Governmental Administration, Riot, Criminal Possession of Controlled Substance, Resisting Arrest, and Disorderly Conduct.
[Source: CBS]
Video Courtesy of Eric Durm YouTube Channel