Puerto Plata Seafood On The Water Now Open in Freeport


Brooklyn seafood restaurant comes to Long Island.

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Photo: Puerto Plata Instagram.

A popular Brooklyn seafood restaurant, Puerto Plata, opened this summer in Freeport on the Nautical Mile.


The menu has all the standard seafood fare including little neck clams on the half shell ($10 for half dozen), Blue Point oysters ($12 for half dozen), and shrimp cocktail ($12) on the appetizer menu. They also have la dona del sazon’s famous ceviche, steamed octopus, calamari, and shrimp marinated in fresh lime, online, cilantro, and peppers ($12).


Hot starters include steamed potatoes and corn, tossed in spices, herbs, and their homemade garlic butter sauce ($9); steamed mixed vegetables of broccoli, string beans, carrots, and gree squash also tossed in spices, herbs, and their homemade garlic butter sauce ($9); and steamed mussels ($10 for 1 lbs.).


Photo: Puerto Plata Instagram.


Their mini menu for one person includes Mini Shrimp, six colossal shrimp with potatoes and corn ($13); Mini Fulton, of two snow crab leg clusters, half pound of shrimp, one lobster tail, potatoes and corn ($34); and a Mini Atlantis, one piece of salmon, half pound of shrimp, one lobster tail and mixed vegetables ($25), among others.


Their regular menu which they say is perfect for two includes their West Coast which has two dungeness crab clusters, one pound of crawfish, one pound of shrimp, potatoes and corn ($40), the Big papi, of five lobster tails, two pounds of shrimp, potatoes and corn ($70); and the Olympus, including one and a half pounds of king crab legs, one pound of shrimp, potatoes and corn ($78).


On Yelp, Laura J, from New York, NY found Puerto Plata when coming out from New York City.


“My friends and I stumbled upon this establishment while randomly taking a trip to [the] nautical mile in Freeport,” she wrote. “We drove all the way from Staten Island to Long Island just to have some of this seafood… They do have a location in Brooklyn but I will come out to Long Island again just because of the vibe.”


Lili R, from Nassau County, said this is one of two locations.


“Their sister restaurant is located in Brooklyn and it's insanely popular,” she wrote.


Location: 42 Woodcleft Avenue, Freeport.