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Our Water is Damaging Our Bodies

The human body is a wonderfully complex arrangement of flesh, blood, bone and electro-magnetic pathways. Technological advancement is a two edged sword. While we derive many wonderful benefits from the advances of the information age, ...

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The human body is a wonderfully complex arrangement of flesh, blood, bone and electro-magnetic pathways. Technological advancement is a two edged sword. While we derive many wonderful benefits from the advances of the information age, our bodies are constantly under attack. Microwaves come at us from from ovens, cell phones, wireless transmissions while EMF signals from electrical power plants, sub-stations, power lines and telephone pole transformers scramble our bodies with a cacophony of messages. This daily litany of unhealthy messages, from multiple sources, induces stress in the body as it must try to compensate and adapt to the onslaught of input it receives. The body struggles , even during sleep, to try to balance its self energetically to maintain a state of homeostasis. Chronic stress results when the body is unable to completely purge its self of the multitude of messages and rejuvenate its self. It is believed that this constant bombardment, without reprieve, may lead to degenerative conditions in the body.

In addition to the energy messages listed above, the water we consume, adds its own energy baggage to our already overtaxed biological system. Even when water is allegedly cleansed of contaminants by chemical introduction and purification methods such as filtration or reverse osmosis techniques, it still retains memory of these contaminants in the form of a unique energy signature or "vibration". These unhealthy informational messages may then be passed along into living organisms, such as your body, your plants and animals, and your food.
Keep in mind, however that we do not just consume water, we are water. This means that this depleted devitalized water is not just in our digestive tracts, it resides in every single cell in our bodies. No wonder then, that we suffer from chronic fatigue and a host of other debilitating diseases. If we are ingesting water that is energy depleted, our bodies try heroically to convert our foods to higher energy levels in a valiant effort to counteract these influences and keep our bodies at the necessary energetic levels. Over time, with the cumulative effect of our bodies constantly running in overdrive, the body finally can continue no more and succumbs to pathology and disease.

The good news is that water has some very unique properties that enable it to serve as a catalyst for positive change. Not just any water will do however. Even all of the commonly available bottled water products do nothing to break this cycle. Typical bottled water from your grocery store measures in at a Bovis (energy) level of between 4,000 to 5,000, still below the breakeven or neutral level of 6,500 the human body requires. To be revitalizing, water must measure more than 6,500 Bovis to yield benefits and the higher the Bovis reading the better.

Fortunately there is something we can do to revitalize our water. After being diagnosed with cancer, German researcher Manfred Bauer, set off on his own journey to discover both the cause of his illness and a way to arrest or reverse it's effects. What he discovered was a unique process by which ordinary water could be energized to levels much higher than the neutral point of 6,500 bovis. Once the energizing process it's self was perfected, it was a natural progression for Bauer to begin manufacturing products that would enable anyone to energize their own water, food and environment which all directly serve to improve the energy of the human body as well. These products or "energy appliances", manufactured by Bauer's company Sante Natural Products, contain water or a water based gel that has been energized to a level of up to 2.5 million bovis! Any liquid or food item placed in or in close proximity of these appliances can actually take on some of the energetic vibration of the appliance thereby substantially increasing the bovis level of the food/liquid it's self. The molecular "spin" or polarity of the food/liquid changes to the life enhancing positive left spin without depleting the bovis level of the appliance. Incredible you may think! Yes - but true! All made possible because water is a a truly unique and amazing natural resource which possesses many special properties. It not only sustains and nourishes us, it also serves as the medium through which this astounding energy transfer, from appliance to food/liquid occurs.

Revitalized water reduces the effect of the endless flood of "low energy", or "negative information", that inundate the body from typical water. It provides the body with a natural resource of positive information, allowing the body to prioritize its health restoration efforts. Bauer's revitalization products are believed to even reduce the harmful effects of pesticides and other unheakthy food additives.

For more information about water depletion and how these products can enhance your life, visit

. In addition, inventor Bauer will be lecturing one day at the New Life Expo in New York (booth 407) from March 21-23, 2003. Don't miss the opportunity to learn more about his groundbreaking research.