8 Iconic Long Island Foods That Are Hard to Find Anywhere Else


As Long Islanders, we're passionate about our food. Here are eight foods that we love that are hard to find in other parts of the country.

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There are some foods that are distinctively “Long Island.”  And while you may come across a version of them in other parts of the country, they just aren’t the same. Here are eight iconic foods that Long Islanders love.

Photo courtesy Bagel Boss

A bagel and a schmear -- Our bagels are the best. Period. Is it the water?  No one seems to know. What we do know is that no one can claim they have a better bagel than Long Island. Try the Bagel Boss everything bagel, with cream cheese of course. 

Photo courtesy Borrelli's Italian Restaurant

Pizza – Along the lines of the bagel is the almighty pizza. Try as they might, other states just can’t recreate the authentic New York pizza experience. Fold a slice in half and enjoy the moment. 

A buttered Kaiser roll – Simple and delicious and practically unheard throughout many parts of the country.

Bacon, egg and cheese sandwich – The bacon, egg and cheese sandwich, affectionately known as BEC, is an LI breakfast staple. Whether on a Kaiser roll or a bagel, the BEC is a sandwich many ex-Long Islanders wistfully think about.

Diner food – Ok, this is not a specific food, but with menus the size of encyclopedias, diner food deserves to be on this list. Other areas of the country don’t have diners like we do here on Long Island. After a night on the town, there's nothing better than sitting down for a grilled cheese, burger or pancake breakfast deluxe at 3 a.m.

Ralph’s Famous Italian Ices & Ice Cream – Sure Ralph’s started in Staten Island and has spread throughout the tri-state area, but leave the vicinity and you might be hard pressed to find such an amazing Italian ice.

Deli anything – Delicatessens and Long Island are a match made in heaven. Delis are where you can get anything from a pound of potato salad to a sandwich piled high with your favorite cold cuts and cheese—and a dill pickle on the side.

Black and white cookie – Sweet, light and the best of both worlds: chocolate and vanilla, that’s the beauty of a black and white cookie. Many Long Island bakeries carry this treat, which can be hard to find elsewhere.

Did we miss anything? Tell us about your fave food or dish that’s distinctively Long Island.