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People Connect Presents the 2018 New York Real Estate Summit, Giving Professionals Access to Networking, Knowledge, and More

Event to be held on Thursday May 31, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Adria hotel in Bayside Queens.

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The New York Real Estate Summit will be held on Thursday, May 31st at the Adria Hotel in Bayside, Queens.

Photo by: NameSummit

Queens, NY - May 16, 2018 - On Thursday, May 31, real estate professionals situated outside of the New York City area are going to get the chance to attend a new, full-fledged conference and expo uniquely aimed at individuals who buy and sell properties within the highly-competitive Five Boroughs and their outlying areas. 
People Connect is an event production company co-founded by Steven Kaziyev and Jason Schaffer in 2017; the company started out strong with a very successfully-received name-branding summit - with another one planned for August - and they are now introducing a new series of events for 2018 revolving around real estate- the New York Real Estate Summit, which is slated to be held on Thursday, May 31st from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Adria Hotel in Bayside, Queens.

People Connect co-founder Steven Kaziyev. Photo Credit: People Connect
Steven Kaziyev's background is in the mortgage industry; he is the owner of Mortgage Depot and is a New York State and Florida-registered mortgage broker; with his 30 years of experience in the industry, Kaziyev noted that his work goes hand-in-hand with the real estate field. With that being the case, he thought that it was high time to put together an event where people in that field could get together, learn from one another, and pool their collective knowledge in the name of success.
“The purpose of the New York Real Estate Summit is to bring real estate agents and real estate brokers together,” he said. “We're offering a great deal of content and exclusive guest speakers who are willing to share their vast knowledge of the industry with attendees, including Matthew Adessa of JP Morgan/Chase, Allen Beydoun of UWM, and John Colascione of We're going to have discussions on block chains, cryptocurrencies, digital branding, social media marketing, how to put a real estate team together, and a lot more. If you're interested in growing and succeeding in real estate, this conference is a must.”
The May 31st event features approximately 21 speakers, and the Adria Hotel ballroom, where the New York Real Estate Summit is taking place, can fit a maximum of 250 attendees, so anyone interested in going is encouraged to register sooner rather than later. A full list of speakers can be found by clicking here.

The purpose of the New York Real Estate Summit is to bring real estate agents and real estate brokers together. Photo Credit: NameSummit
The reason Kaziyev decided to put together the New York Real Estate Summit is because he noticed a void in the field as it pertains to areas surrounding New York City; mainly, a lack of a readily-available and centralized network of information for real estate professionals. Kaziyev said that he decided it was time to create an event that specialized and sharing that know-how and giving people working and making a living in real estate a chance to network with and learn from their peers.
“From what I've seen, there really aren't any events like this in the Five Boroughs...anything related to this field is happening in Manhattan,” he said. “So I wanted to give real estate professionals outside of the city the same opportunity. I think it's something that's sorely needed.”
However, the event in Bayside is just the tip of the iceberg; Kaziyev noted that the New York Real Estate Summit will literally be going ‘on tour’ throughout the Five Boroughs of New York, Long Island, and elsewhere, with potential upcoming events slated for Staten Island, Bronx, as well as locations in upstate New York as well.

The event will give 
people working and making a living in real estate a chance to network with and learn from their peers. Photo Credit: NameSummit
At each event on this tour, Kaziyev said that guests and speakers will be tailored to the specific locations – each sporting a unique real estate market with different challenges – they're held at.
“In Queens and Long Island we have the help of MLSLI, who are doing our mass email blasts for us and providing some real estate professionals, and when we get to Brooklyn and Staten Island we will have to reach out to the real estate organizations serving those areas as well. We're going to be co-branding and co-marketing with each other, so it's going to be mutually beneficial for everyone involved.”
However, one of the biggest draws for attendees, according to Kaziyev, is a special partnership Charter Real Estate School, which has officially approved the New York Real Estate Summit as an accredited event. 
“Any real estate agent or broker that attends the summit will receive 7.5 continuing education credits,” he said. “So every agent and broker – in addition to hearing a lot of great guest speakers, making a lot of valuable contacts, and acquiring a lot of excellent information – will get 7-and-a-half CE credits with Charter, which is a really big deal.”

Charter Real Estate School has officially approved the New York Real Estate Summit as an accredited event. Photo Credit: NameSummit
If the events are successful – and by all accounts, they very well should be – Kaziyev sees them as being a regular, ongoing occurrence.
“We will probably be doing events in Queens annually, but we will be regularly holding other summits throughout the Five Boroughs every three or four months as well,” he said. “Basically, we want to make the New York Real Estate Summit the ‘can't miss’ event for real estate professionals in the Five Boroughs, Long Island, and beyond. I really encourage anyone in the field to come on Thursday, May 31, and see what we have to offer.”
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