Drag Racing Coming to Calverton


Riverhead Town approves a 2-day event at Enterprise Park in Calverton.

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Photo: Shutterstock.

For years car enthusiasts have been clamoring for a drag strip on Long Island. While this is not exactly an answer to their prayers, it’s a little taste to whet the appetite. According to a story in RoverhealdLocal.com, the Riverhead Town board approved a 2-day drag racing event at Calverton Enterprise Park.


Called Scrambul Runway Challenge the race will happen over the weekend of June 19 and 20.


“The event will include eighth-mile, quarter-mile and half-mile races, Baxter told the board last week,” the news outlet reported. “The half-mile race would be on the 7,000-foot runway, while the eighth-mile, quarter-mile races would be on the 10,000-foot runway.”


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News 12 reported that Grumman property in Calverton could be the site of a more permanent drag strip, if gear heads have their way. Other sources said that the proposal would be temporary and allow for up to 14 races over several weeks at the site.