SCMEA Names 45 William Floyd Students to All-County Festival

Forty five student musicians from William Floyd HS, William Floyd Middle School and William Paca Middle School were selected to perform in the SCMEA All-County Festivals for the 2013-2014 school year.

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Mastic Beach & Moriches, NY - March 26, 2014 – Forty five student musicians from William Floyd High School, William Floyd Middle School and William Paca Middle School were selected to perform in the Suffolk County Music Educators Association (SCMEA) All-County Festivals for the 2013-2014 school year, an honor reserved for students in grades six through 10 who have demonstrated excellence with their instruments or voices. The festivals took place throughout the early part of March.

Students who are selected for SCMEA are considered among the best musicians or vocalists in their grade level in all of Suffolk County. Their acceptance is based upon the results of an individual performance as assessed by a judge in the spring of the previous school year.

“The William Floyd School District has a long and storied tradition of producing some of the top student musicians in the county and state,” said Gordon Brosdal, Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Instruction and Administration and the Director of Fine Arts and Music for the William Floyd School District. “These prolific students and their teachers continue to be a source of great pride for our district.”

The following students have been named SCMEA All-County:

William Floyd High School
Giselle Castillo (alto); Matthew Cavaliere (tenor); Maiya Cotto (soprano); Saisha Hameed (alto); Juliette Hubley (alto); Gabriella Marroquin (alto); Sarah Mazzarella (soprano); Gabrielle Rhodes (alto); Teresa Terlato (alto); Brittany Uzzi (alto); Emma VanNieuwenhuizen (alto); Jane Warecki (alto); Alexandria Willets (alto); Marion Woodson (alto); Calvin Arancibia (trombone); Shelby Hafener (bassoon) ; Nicole Palk (cello); Jaime Senetto (violin); and Steven Shaw (French horn). Teachers: Michael Cordaro (orchestra); Ryan Feldscher (chorus); Amy Sckipp (orchestra); and Christopher Shaughnessy (orchestra).

William Floyd Middle School
Zachary Neikens (trombone); Christian Craig (baritone); Jaiden DeTorre (children’s voice); Casey Gagliardo (children’s voice); Miguel Lebron (baritone); Gabriella Lettieri (soprano); Kaylee Monahan (alto); Kaiya Robertson (children’s voice); Elizabeth Scianno (alto); Angel Velazquez (baritone); Shamus Weissbach (children’s voice); Samantha Zippel (children’s voice); Karlee Ingegno (violin); Amanda Ohlsen (viola); Nicholas Pantelidis (cello); and Albert Wheeler (violin). Teachers: Dawn Conefry (band); Rich Harris (orchestra); and Donia Rivera (chorus).

William Paca Middle School
Nolan DeMelfi (trumpet/cornet); Felisha Arrizza (children’s voice); Maille Bowerman (children’s voice); Amanda Cain (soprano); Jenna Nelson (children’s voice); Amour Perkins (children’s voice); Kevin Ryan (children’s voice); Ralph Samot (baritone); Iliana Barcenas (viola); and Brooke Fernandez (viola). Teachers: Joseph Cordaro (band); Michelle Seifert (chorus); and Donna Visone-O’Brein (orchestra).

Some of the 45 SCMEA students and their teachers, clockwise from top left: William Paca Middle School, Ms. Donna Visone O’Brein, Brooke Fernandez, Iliana Barcenas, Ralph Samot, Mrs. Michelle Seifert, Amanda Cain and Mr. Joe Cordaro. William Floyd Middle School, (front row) Mrs. Donia Rivera, Shamus Weissbach, Albert Wheeler, Christian Craig, Amanda Ohlsen, Casey Gagliardo, Jaidan DeTorre, Karlee Ingegno, (back row) Zach Neikins, Kaylee Monahan, Angel Velazquez, Gabriella Lettieri, Mr. Rich Harris, and Mrs. Dawn Conefry. William Paca Middle, Felisha Arrizza, Jenna Nelson, Mrs. Michelle Seifert, Maielle Bowerman and Amour Perkins. William Floyd High School, Mr. Christopher Shaughnessy, Nicole Palk, Jaime Senetto, Giselle Castillo, Saisha Hameed, Marion Woodson, Shelby Hafener, Juliette Hubley, Mrs. Amy Sckipp and Mr. Ryan Feldscher. Front row: Teresa Terlato, Calvin Arancibia, Gabriella Marroquin and Maiya Cotto.