Ed Romaine Looking To Speed Up Snow Recovery


Ed Romaine discusses ideas at Brookhaven town meeting regarding snowfall.

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Brookhaven Town Supervisor Ed Romaine recently spoke before the town board to discuss snow removal and better plans for the next massive snowfall. This board meeting comes in the wake of Brookhaven being slammed by critics for not providing adequate snow removal during the last winter storm. Romaine’s proposal calls for increasing spending on heavy equipment, decreasing insurance requirements for private snow plow contractors and making the pay to plow operators equal to that of surrounding towns.

“These men and women have dealt successfully with numerous snow storms in the past,” Romaine said of the highway department staffers. The argument that the equipment used by town workers was inadequate and outdated, leading many to speculate that snow removal was impossible.

Romaine was met with harsh criticism for Brookhaven’s inability to handle the massive snowfall, with some calling for his resignation. “I want to particularly express my thanks to the local civic associations, business and community leaders and especially many of our residents for voicing their concerns and hearing our recommendations for handling future snow and weather-related emergency situations in the Town of Brookhaven,” Romaine said at the town meeting.

More snow is potentially on the horizon for Long Island, whether Brookhaven will be able to handle whatever amount it receives remains unclear at this point.