Islip's Miracle Dog Fully Recovered, Up for Adoption

Miracle, the dog that was rescued on Christmas Eve after being abandoned in a dumpster, is now up for adoption.

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Yesterday morning, the Town of Islip and the Suffolk County SPCA held a press conference announcing that Miracle, the dog rescued on Christmas Eve after being abandoned in a dumpster in West Islip, is up for adoption. After being nursed back to health, she is ready to find a new forever home with a loving family here on Long Island. Interest families can fill out an adoption application, which are being accepted at the Islip animal Shelter, as well as the Adopt-a-Pet Center. Miracle is thought to be three years old, and is in good health - she was the star of yesterday's conference, delighting everyone with her appearance.

Islip Town Councilman Anthony Senft, Jr. was also in attendance, and was truly touched by the empathy and support that the local community has given Miracle. "The outcry from the public has been overwhelming. But thanks to the efforts of all involved, especially our Animal Shelter staff and volunteers, and the SPCA, Miracle’s story has a happy ending. A thorough adoption process which will be conducted jointly by a Town Shelter and SPCA committee, will ensure that Miracle gets the forever home that she so rightfully deserves. Her story is truly a Miracle."

Also mentioned in the conference was the ongoing search for Bailey, another small dog that is missing, and believed to be connected to Miracle's attacker, Michael Papini, who was arrested in late December on animal cruelty and abandonment charges. Bailey is still missing, and the Suffolk County SPCA is offering a $500 reward for information leading to his recovery.

For more information on how you can support the Suffolk County SPCA, please call 631-382-SPCA (7722), or visit their website

[Source: Suffolk SPCA, Town of Islip.]