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Last Minute Gifts That Look Thoughtful

With less than a week left until Christmas, it’s time to figure out those last minute gifts!

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If you can believe it, Christmas is now less than a week away! If you’re still blanking on what to get those few people left on your holiday shopping list, don’t worry! There are still plenty of thoughtful gifts you can get for the people you love. Don’t wait too much longer though! Here are some great last minute gift ideas you can get that the people receiving them will love!

DIY Ornaments – A homemade, personalized ornament is the perfect last minute gift! Many craft stores like Michael’s sell plaster ornaments that you can paint and personalize clear bulbous ornaments that you can fill up with treats or simple decorate and tons of holiday embellishments that you can incorporate, like paint that looks like snow consistency!

A Gift Card – Now I know a lot of people don’t like giving out gift cards because they feel it’s too impersonal, but if you know what the person you’re purchasing the gift card for likes then you can get them something spectacular that they will love and use! Get them a gift certificate for their favorite restaurant or a Best Buy gift card to use towards getting that new laptop or television they’ve been eyeing. Just include a little note telling them to use it towards their big purchase!

Plan a Day – Plan a day of fun on Long Island as a Christmas present! Now, this depends completely on the person you’re shopping for. If they’re an art major, take them to the Heckscher Museum of Art! If they love planes, take them to the Cradle of Aviation! If they love outer space, take them to the planetarium in Centerport!

Homemade Coupons – Now this gift idea is more for people looking for something quick and easy to get mom and dad. Begin by brainstorming things that would help your parents out, or things that they’ve mentioned. If dad has said that he really wants to try out that new steakhouse down the road, make him a coupon for one free meal on you at the restaurant! Let’s say mom has been stressing about work and getting the housework done, take some of the load off by making a coupon saying you’ll take over dish duty for a week!

Tickets to a Show – Instead of focusing on purchasing an item for someone, focus on purchasing a great experience for them! Tickets to go see a concert, theater performance, sporting event or comedy show is a great last minute gift to get. Get tickets for an upcoming sports game that involves their favorite team or tickets to go see one of their favorite bands!

Don’t forget to check out our holiday Shopping Guide for Adults and our Shopping Guide for Kids for more gift ideas!