Holiday Shopping Guide: Great Gifts for Adults

Christmas and Hanukkah are less than a month away which means it’s time to start double checking your holiday gift lists to see who you have left to shop for!

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be over but there’s still plenty of time to shop around more and find unique gifts for all of the special some ones in your life.  It can be hard coming up with things to get people for the holidays, especially if they don’t give you a list or any sort of direction. This holiday season you’ve got you covered though! Browse these holiday gift ideas for adults by hobby and interest! That way you can find the perfect gift for the individuals you are shopping for!

If you also need help finding gifts for the various youngsters in your life, check out our Hottest Holiday Gift Picks for Kids!

For the Movie & TV Buffs in Your Life

  • Fire TV Stick – Enjoy Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video and more with this instant streaming media stick!
  • Movie Theater Gift Card – Winter break and right around Christms is a huge time for big box office blockbusters. Get your movie buff a local movie theater gift card so they can pick out a new movie they want to see!
  • A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook Hardcover by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel – Help your TV junkie get preppared for the upcoming season of Game of Thrones with this show/book-inspired cookbook!
  • Full TV Series Box Sets – Many beloved TV shows, like Trublood, The Office and Psych, have ended recently. Get your TV lover the entire series of one of their favorite shows!

For The Techie in Your Life

  • iPhone 6 – The iphone 6 is the newest iPhone on the market and sure to please the tech-savvy persons on your holiday shopping list.
  • HDMI Pocket Projector – This handy, pocket size projector allows you to view videos and movies from your cell phone, tablet, laptop and other devices, as a sharp, up to 60” diagonal, projection!
  • Touchscreen Friendly Winter Gloves – With so many phones being touchscreen now it can be a pain in the Winter to have to take your gloves on and off constantly. With these gloves you don’t have to!
  • Hello Sense – Everyone could use a better night’s rest! This gadget with an alarm, movement sensor and app to boot, will track your sleep cycles, wake you up naturally when you feel most rested, and track your sleeping environment for the reasons why you may be having a sleepless night.

For the Book Worm in Your Life

  • Kindle Paperwhite – Is the person you’re shopping for a big bookworm but quickly running out of space for books? Then get them the light-weight, no glare screen, long battery life, Kindle Paperwhite! Great for keeping with you while on the go and for keeping hundreds of books right at your fingertips!
  • Frostbeard Studio Old Books scent Soy Candle – Bookworms will enjoy burning this candle, sold on, that smells just like old, printed books!
  • The Book on the Bookshelf by Henry Petroski – Book lovers will adore this book all about the history of writing, books and bookshelves! From the Library of Alexandria to the Library of Congress your bookworm will be enthralled from beginning to end.
  • Mighty Bright Xflex 2-Light – If your reader still prefers paper over electronic then they may need some light shed at night when they read! This flexible book light has two brightness settings, perfect for reading in a shared bed.

For the Video Gamer In Your Life

  • Destiny – From the makers of Halo, comes Destiny, an online 1st person shooter game with beautiful graphics that takes place in a mythical Science fiction world.
  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare The 11th installment of Call of Duty is officially out. If you know the gamer in your life is a fan of the series then this game is a must have for them.
  • Far Cry 4 This recently released in November action-packed 1st person adventure shooter game is sure to get a big smile from the gamer opening it up!
  • Just Dance 2015 – A great game for the video gamer you know who likes to dance, has one of the Wii consoles, and prefers playing fun multi-player games!

For the Fitness Junkie in Your Life

  • Fitbit – Track your steps, your calories burned, how long you slept, how well you slept, and much more, with this helpful, easy to wear fitness buddy wristband.
  • The 4-Hour Body by Timothy Ferriss – If you’re shopping for someone who likes to stay on top of their health and likes to read, then this not-your-average diet and fitness book is just the thing!
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card – Picking out clothing and sporting accessories can be hard when you’re doing it for someone else, especially if you’re not a fitness junkie yourself. Surprise the fitness junkie in your life with a Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card so they can pick what they want.
  • Barefoot Running Shoes – Barefoot running has become the one of the newest current fitness trends, but for those still easing into it these barefoot trainers will help guide the way!

Photo by Charles Thompson via Free Images