5 Gifts Your Bridesmaids Will Love!


Looking to get your bridesmaids the best gift? Check out these ideas!

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Bridesmaids are an essential part of every wedding. They are the one who are slaving over your happiness and making sure that every detail of your wedding day is in place. When you are having a bridal meltdown (which is bound to happen) your bridesmaids are the ones who will be there for you. That is why it has long been tradition to give back to those special ladies in the form of a gift. This can be anything that you think your bridesmaids will love and value, it can be an inside joke or something that is very meaningful. Here are five of our favorite ideas for bridesmaids gifts!

1. Monogrammed Necklaces: this is the perfect gift for the bride who wants to make sure their bridesmaids will always have something to remind them of the big day. You can get most charm necklaces engraved with your bridesmaids initials which will add much more meaning into the gift. Even better, your bridesmaids can wear the necklaces on the wedding day! Think about getting a charm with the flower of your wedding on it, a perfect little reminder of a lovely day! 

2. Spa Day: Once the wedding is over, its time for you and your bridesmaids to de-stress. Giving your bridesmaids a spa day to relax will be a welcome gift that everyone can enjoy! You can either get everyone a gift certificate to your local spa (most have group rates that will make it affordable) or you can put together your own gift basket full of spa treats that you can do in your own home! 

3. Bathrobes: While there is a common belief that women are the hardest to shop for, we are remarkably easy. Simply get us something comfy and we're happy! After hours of dress fittings and rehearsals, theres nothing your bridesmaids are going to want more than to kick back in a bath and relax the whole day. What better to have than a fluffy bathrobe to lounge in? You can even get it monogrammed for a little extra touch! 

4. Framed Picture: Your wedding day and everything that leads up to it will hopefully be one of the most precious memories that you and your bridesmaids have. Giving them a framed picture from either the day or moments leading up to it is a very nice gesture and a memory that they can keep forever. You can even make a photo collage for a more creative gift! 

5. Wine Glass: Throughout the wedding process, you and your bridesmaids are bound to have a couple wine nights. Giving your bridesmaids and engraved wine glass is sure to bring smiles and memories! You can get it monogrammed or engraved with a little saying you think your bridesmaids will like!