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San Jose Sharks, November 11, 2000

The Islanders always seem to get caught up in a chippy game when they're facing the San Jose Sharks. Tonight was no exception. In a game that saw penalties gone wild, the Sharks skated away ...

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The Islanders always seem to get caught up in a chippy game when they're
facing the San Jose Sharks. Tonight was no exception. In a game that saw
penalties gone wild, the Sharks skated away with a 4-0 victory. Evgeni
Nabokov, the Sharks' 24 year old rookie netminder earned his first career
shut-out and also his first assist on Vincent Damphousse's powerplay goal
late in the 3rd period.

Things didn't go right from the very start at the Nassau Coliseum. The
singing of the National Anthem was interrupted by the buzzer that usually
sounds the end of the period. The chuckles from the crowd were possibly the
only smiling moment for Isles fans.

The Islanders came out sharp, but the game turned on a dime when Sean Hines
fired a hard shot from the left of Vanbiesbrouck. It was headed wide on the
far side, but quick hands by Todd Harvy redirected the puck just inside the
post. From then on, the Sharks were in the driver's seat.

The second period saw about a dozen penalties called. Four in an incident
at the buzzer to end the period. The Islanders best chance however, was
early in the period when Scott Thornton took a double minor for
cross-checking and another roughing penalty, giving the Islanders 6 minutes
straight on the powerplay. But the Islanders couldn't set up. Thornton was
assessed the penalties for cross-checking Kevin Haller and then pouncing on
him when he was down. Haller was obviously hurt and didn't return to the
game. He was the second Islander to leave the game, as Steve Webb was
injured in the first peroid.

The Play of the Game:

a brilliant save by John Vanbiesbrouck in the second
period, when he lunged towards a puck fired at an open net and managed to
kick the it to the corner, preventing an even bigger lead for San Jose.

Area for Improvement:

the Islanders team defense wasn't much help tonight.
The Captain ran aground, as Kenny Jonsson had more give aways than the
Islanders Prize Patrol. Jonsson still has the potential to be a star in
this league, but he was off his game tonight and it showed.

Honorable Mention:

to Garry Galley, who finally had enough in the second
period and laid out Todd Harvy. This led to the Springer-like ending of the
end of the period.

Special Thanks:

whoever it is that finally decided to post the out of town
scores during stoppages in play. You know who you are! It did not go
unnoticed. If you're reading, job well done! Now, if we could get them
posted on the message boards beneath the luxury boxes throughout the game,
we'll be in business.

In A Nutshell:

while it was a fast paced game, with lots of thunderous hits,
the Islanders failed to pull the trigger, mounting only 24 shots, and have
now gone scoreless in almost 7 straight periods. Their last goal was Brad
Isbister's game winner against Nashville, 25 seconds into the 3rd period.
The Isles haven't put up a point since. Despite some blistering shots from
Roman Hamrlik, the Islanders powerplay was a dreadful 0 for 7.

A Note to the Aerodynamically Inclined:

making paper airplanes out of
GameTime programs may seem like a good idea at the time. But it's all fun
and games until someone loses an eye! All kidding aside, paper airplanes on
the ice or hitting you in the back of the head are a distraction from the
game. The proper time for them is in Study Hall, not during play.

Parting Thought:

If Hell ever did freeze over, do you suppose they'd start
playing hockey?