Planning a Bridesmaid Cocktail Party!

Before you even start planning the big day, you need to make sure all of your bridesmaids are on board!

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Every bride needs to start planning their wedding at some point. Some are excited and some dread the prospect of getting their bridesmaids together for the first time to start working out all of the details for the big day. So what is the best way to start off this whirlwind process? The best thing to do is take charge immediately and set an evening aside for the start date. A simple cocktail party will keep tensions low and give you a relaxed atmosphere.

The first thing to do for this kick off of starts is think about the theme that you want your wedding to take on. By subtly inserting this theme into your cocktail party you are telling your bridesmaids that this is going to be theme of the big day and that decision is already made. For example if you are having a fall themed wedding you are going to want to send invitations out to the party with a fall theme and keep the décor of the evening to a fall color palette (i.e reds, oranges, browns).

In the invitation you can really set the tone for the wedding. In this invitation you should formally ask your friend to be a bridesmaid and to please join you for some drinks and light wedding planning. Step up your game with sewn or knit invitations to show that you aren't messing around and that you expect a very creative level brought to the wedding planning table.

The next thing to do is start planning the party itself. You will want to stick to your basic fall palette and make it crafty. Decorate with flowers that can be used as a sample of what you want in your bouquet, this can be done in various different flower combinations.

The same goes with the cocktails. Since this is a cocktail party you will want to sample just a few signature cocktails ideas that you might have in mind. From there you can narrow it down to one or two drinks or build ideas off of there. Start with maybe a few basic cocktails and one that is super unique. You can also use really creative tumblers, hand decorated, if you are really going the DIY route. Tag each glass with a bridesmaid's, maybe on a piece of fringed ribbon, and you also have a great bridesmaid's gift! Or you can even have a little glass decorating part of the evening to stay the planning off on a fun foot! With those two things out of the way you have already planned two crucial parts of your wedding day!

Before you turn over the planning to the bridesmaids, make sure you have a little diary of things that are not to be set aside that you want for your wedding day. Having these non negotiables will keep opinionated bridesmaids in place. This party will not only serve as a planning event but also an ice breaker for your bridesmaids so don't forget to have fun! At the end of the evening you will be that much closer to your dream wedding with a supportive group of friends working to make it a reality.