Our Favorite Themed Wedding Ideas for the Fall!


Fall lends itself to a certain set of wedding themes, check out our favoritea!

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Everyone loves a wedding that is a little different. For many, a themed wedding can make a normal wedding an event that they cannot wait to go to just to see what you are going to do. Every season has some themes that are native to that season and current events are always a factor to play into picking a cool theme. The important thing is to find something that you and your future spouse are very passionate about and have a shared interest in. Here are a couple of themes that we would love to see this season!

Renaissance: fall is the season for Renaissance fairs, and they have some of the best wedding packages around! If you ever dreamed of getting married and feeling like a renaissance queen, then this would be the place to do it! This is the ideal wedding theme for the history buff or anyone who just enjoys a little bit of old world fun. Your guests will definitely love the change of scene!

Books: everyone has a favorite book that they wish they could live out. Tons of couples choose to take these books and create a wedding themes around the setting and situations of the book that they both are fans of. This can definitely be a very romantic setting if you are looking at one of the more Jane Austen like novels but you can also have a theme from something more fantastical! Think Harry Potter and Hunger Games for a wedding your guests won't forget!

Television: there are quite a few television shows that couples are very passionate about and some make for really amazing wedding themes. As a great example, this year marks the 50th anniversary of the sci-fi favorite, Doctor Who. Tons of couples are planning extravagant Doctor Who themed weddings to celebrate not only their big day, but one of the biggest days in television history. Pick your favorite show that your fiancé is also loosely obsessed with and add some touches to your wedding!