Creating A Halloween Themed Engagement Party!

Are you a recently engaged Halloween lover? Check out these awesome ideas for a Halloween themed engagement party!

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Did your significant other just pop the question? What a wonderful time of the year to get engaged! For all of those Halloween enthusiasts out there, beginning a life together during your favorite time of year must already be extremely excited. The best way to showcase your obvious joy? Throwing an Engagement Party themed to your favorite holiday!

Themed engagement parties are always a fun idea. A Halloween themed party is even better! There are a ton of creative and unique ideas out there to create a spooktacular party.  The most important thing is to make sure that not just your guests, but you have as much fun as possible, especially when planning the party!

Long Island has a great Halloween scene and there’s no reason you shouldn’t take full advantage of it. Check out some of the haunted houses for ideas to decorate your home or venue for the party. Head to all of the party stores and buy out their entire Halloween section! Think of ways that you can put your love on display in the scariest ways possible! Here are some of our ideas to have the scariest engagement party ever!

Haunted House: The most obvious way to make your engagement party Halloween themed would be to make it up like a haunted house! This would basically involve you take fake cobwebs, spiders, etc and put them everywhere! Set your table with spooky tableware, fake skulls, goblets, and any other gothic trinkets you can find! You can dress up as the corpse bride and groom and put a headstone stating “till death do us part” behind your seats at the table. Be creative! Make your party a night no one will forget!

Favors: Your party favors for your engagement party can pretty much be the same as any other party unless you would like to make them more personal. The best idea would be to do something candy oriented, everyone can get a more valuable keepsake at the wedding! Getting Halloween colored MnMs with your engagement party date on them would be a very cute idea as well as any other kind of candy goody bags! Halloween themed cake pops are also a very “in” idea right now!

Drinks: If you’re going to have a Halloween themed party then you have to have Halloween themed drinks! One idea would be Brew-Ha-Ha Punch! This involves flavors of pineapple, lime, and ginger ale. To make it more of an adult drink you can always add rum or vodka. You can always add red food dye to any of your favorite cocktails to make a spooky drink!

Food: Your main dishes and appetizers are going to be one of the main points of your party! For appetizers you can do moldy cheese balls, which are basically cheese balls covered in green herbs to make it look like mold but in reality just make it all the more tasty! Another Halloween lover’s best friend! Meatloaf! Meatloaf can easily be shaped into anything you want whether it be a hand, a skull or any other Halloween idea!