5 of Our Favorite Winter Wedding Ideas!


Winter is fast approaching, take a look at some of our favorite trends!

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The weather is finally getting chillier, which for some might mean fall is finally here, but for brides it means that they need to put the finishing touches on their winter wedding plans! Winter is a magical season for anyone planning their wedding and the themes are endless. Whether you are looking for a winter wid eel and or holiday inspired event, winter weddings are always a treat. So to kick off our coverage of the 2013 winter wedding season, we will start with 5 of Longisland.com's favorite winter wedding ideas!

1. Mint: We know, we know mint is the color of 2013 essentially, but winter is where you can really let it shine. What is so great about this color is the endless color combinations to go with it. You can pair it with black, silver, gray, even navy blue for a classy winter wedding theme! The mint theme really brings in the chilly weather aspect so if you're looking to play up the snow this is definitely your color. Pair it with any kind of silver accessory to keep with the cool look!

2. Gingerbread: Much like pumpkin is the flavor of fall, gingerbread tends to be best of winter! You can incorporate it in a variety if ways from your signature cocktail drinks or even your wedding cake. Try asking for any cake options with gingerbread crumble. For a wedding favor you can give out gingerbread men wearing their best wedding finery!

3. Long sleeves: Though Kate Middleton rocked the lace sleeves in April, there is no doubt that these are a winter wedding favorite when it comes to the wedding dress. Look for a classic lace sleeve with maybe even a little crystal embellishment along the sleeves or bodice. This is definitely the time to be a little over the top too especially if you are going for a wonderland theme. Which brings us to our next item.

4. Embellishment: This is definitely the time of year to go crazy with jeweled embellishment. If you have always wanted a dress to be decked out in crystals, winter is the season to do it because it adds an ice factor to a winter theme. Where the wedding decor might look a scene straight out of a snow globe, you should definitely look like the winter queen. 

5. Hot chocolate: This chocolate treat has long been a winter favorite, and you can do so much with it! The best thing about this drink is how versatile it is, it could be kept non-alcoholic for the kids or you give the options of baileys and peppermint schnapps to spike it, making it a wonderful addition to your dessert menu. Serve marshmallows and whipped cream too!