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How to Throw A Great Gatsby Wedding!

Do you love all the parties you saw in The Great Gatsby? Check out these tips on throwing a Great Gatsby Wedding!

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As many Long Island natives know, current blockbuster The Great Gatsby takes place on our lovely Island and provides some of the most lavish party scenes in literature. Many moviegoers or people who have read the novel seem to have the thought,  “I wish I could throw a party like Jay Gatsby.” Well good news Long Islanders, you can! And the best time to throw this kind of glamorous affair would be your wedding day! Take a look at some of these tips on how to throw a party just like you saw in The Great Gatsby!

Where to do it…

The best place to host your Gatsby themed wedding would no doubt be in any of the Gold Coast mansions. These mansions were home to some of Long Island’s most lavish parties and home to the very well to do, much like Gatsby. For a true Gatsby feel take a look at Oheka Castle for your wedding day. The grounds feature a beautiful mansion and gorgeous gardens! Any other estate on the North Shore will provide the perfect setting for a Gatsby wedding. If you are looking to keep the budget lower then take a look at a local yacht club, it will still give off a very Great Gatsby vibe!

What to wear…

While some people might associate Gatsby with all things extravagant the real kind of dress you should be looking for is far simpler. Look for something with a vintage touch but that keeps with a sleek and slim look.  Lots of beading and stonework would be very appropriate as long as it’s not on a princess ball gown. For the bridesmaids, you can go with a little more of obvious twenties look. This would be the time to wear the flapper dress if you want those included! For the men, different colored three-piece suits are a possibility. Gatsby’s famous pink suit could easily be given to the groom’s party of the groom himself!

How to accessorize…

This is the most distinctive feature when it comes to the dress from the twenties. Hairpieces, hats, and feathers were all the rage in the twenties and are very prominent in the recent Gatsby revival. You can even wear long opera gloves that go to the elbow and a feather boa if you’re really getting into it! For the bride you should definitely be looking to use long strands of pearls to accessorize and jeweled hairpieces. As far as hairstyles go look to do something with a bob or with a retro updo. Lots of jewels and statement pieces are the way to go when it come to accessories for the bridal party!

What to serve…

When it comes to beverages you really have to go with champagne and martinis. This is a Gatsby staple that is a must have. If you are not a fan of a traditional martini then you can use different flavorings. You can also serve scotch and whisky for a mature touch. When it comes to food you’ll want to serve mini hors devours for appetizers and then something much more seafood based such as lobster for your main course. For poultry serve something a little more gamey like rabbit or duck. For desserts serve anything you want as long as its mini! Mini cakes and macaroons are a must!