Planning Your Spring Wedding!

Are you looking to plan your spring wedding? Take a look at these ideas!

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Spring is right upon us and that means a fresh new start to the wedding season! It’s time to throw away the duller matte colors of winter and take advantage of the blooming life all around you. Long Island has plenty to offer when it comes to a spring wedding with its beautiful beaches, parks, and gardens. Take a look around and see what you want to bring into your spring wedding!

Whether it be changing your color scheme or bringing in a new theme all together, spring is a wonderful time for a wedding. The whole season give the theme of starting something beautiful and the symbolism of beginning this great journey just as everything is coming to life is truly memorable. Embrace the season’s greatest gifts!

When thinking of spring you think of flowers and plenty of greenery. The possibilities for incorporating these into your wedding are endless. There are many ways to make this a very creative experience and make your little personal touches stand out. Take a look at these ideas to get some inspiration for your spring wedding!

Flower Place Cards: You can use either real flowers or paper ones for these place cards; paper would be best if you want to stay on budget. Attach the nametag to the stem of the flower and your guests will love this spring touch as well as the extra take home gift! Tulips would be perfect for this time of year! You can also place fresh cut flowers tucked into the napkins!

Flower Desserts: For spring you should try to incorporate flowers wherever possible, even in your dessert! This can be as easy as placing them on sugar cookies or on cupcakes. Simply bake your dessert of choice, top with royal icing and place a fresh bloom of edible bloom of any flower of your choice on top! Pansies make for an adorable topping! Paper or silk butterflies are also a great topping choice.

Pot Pies: Spring is not only a time for growth of flowers but of vegetables as well. Bake these vegetables such as carrots, asparagus and other fresh cuts into a mini potpie for a wonderful first course! This is great for those going for a rustic and countryside feel and conveys the magic of spring just the same! Your guests will love this tasty little treat!

Centerpieces: For centerpieces you can actually skip out on the flowers and use some fresh greens instead! Think using herb plants to place in the middle of the table with some tea candles. You can also accent these with smaller herb wedding favors! If you’re still looking to throw some flowers in the mix but keep it toned down and natural you can use simple white lunch bag to cover the potted plants. Tie a cinch around the top for a very homey feel!