Get Your Scare on at a Spook Walk or Trail on Long Island

Another popular haunted activity for this time of year are spook walks and trails. Check out some of the great spook walks or trails that are all over the island!

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Halloween is less than two weeks away! Have you started to get your scare on? An increasingly popular Halloween activity in addition to Haunted Houses, Charity Haunts, and other kid friendly haunted activities are spooky walks and trails.

Spook walks and trails vary by who runs them. Some of them take place in the woods with actors or props jump out at you. Generally, these would take place at night and if you are a fan of haunted houses, a spook walk or trail is a must this Halloween season!

Check out some of the locations below to get your scare on:

Be sure to check them out before their gone!

Been to a great spook walk or trail? Tell us about your experiences below!