Decorate Your Door & Make Your Own Festive Fall Wreath

Show your Fall spirit this season by decorating your door with a festive wreath!

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As the seasons change, so does the décor! Fall brings with it a transition to warmer colors, like red and orange, and a stronger focus on nature. From centerpieces, to table cloths, candle holders to throw pillows, everything can be transitioned to match the season outside. This includes fun, festive, Fall wreaths!

Wreaths are a great way to show your Fall spirit! They are welcoming, create a warm atmosphere well before visitors even enter your home, and are the first thing guests see when visiting your house. They create a good first impression and the fact that you made it yourself makes it all the more special. Now when people ask you about your décor and inquire about where you purchased your wreath you can tell them all about how you made yours and give them tips on how to make their own.

Twig Wreath
This first wreath is very simple. First purchase a plain entwined twig wreath from a craft store like Michaels. Then head over to the fake flower section to pick up some colorful berries in hues of red, yellow, and orange. Then purchase a wide ribbon in a color that goes well with your berries. Once you get home simply stick the berries in the openings in the twigs, making sure they are secure. Finally add the ribbon around the wreath which will further secure your berries.

Chiffon Wreath
For this wreath you’re going to have to make at stop at your local fabric store, and buy a Styrofoam wreath for your base. After you’ve gotten the Styrofoam piece purchase a few yards (depending on the size of your wreath) of some Fall colored chiffon. Once home cut the chiffon to similar lengths and tie each individual piece of chiffon to your wreath, with the knot touching the wreath. This should leave colorful chiffon sticking out from your wreath. Keep up this process until the whole of the wreath is covered and no spaces remain.

Nature Wreath
For this wreath you can go a few ways with it. To start you will first need a Styrofoam wreath and heavy duty glue. Next pick what aspect of nature in Autumn you’d like to represent. You could use something like pine cones, bright colored leaves or acorns. Once you’ve chosen your theme start gluing them on your Styrofoam until all of the Styrofoam is covered up. Then you can add fun accents and the great thing is most things you can just stick right in the wreath because of the material of the base!

Photo by Jeff Hire via Free Images