Helpful Tips to Planning the Perfect Fall Wedding

Check out these great tips to planning the ideal autumn wedding!

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Autumn is right around the corner and we wanted to give some ideas on planning the perfect fall time wedding! The weather is crispy and the changing colors of the leaves make for a perfect setting to celebrate your big day.
Lots of large and small details come into play while planning for your wedding. Once you choose your colors, of course ones that compliment fall time colors, you are ready to start organizing everything!
Seating Cards
Most brides and grooms like to take a traditional route while planning their big day, but it is also quite popular to do things with a hint of uniqueness. Rather than regular seating cards placed on a table, set up an acorn board right when your guests walk in! Acorns represent the season change and are a fun way to let your friends and family know where their seats are. Use ribbons to match your wedding colors to attach to a fancy pushpin, along with a leaf cutout with your guests’ names and table number on them.
A Place for the Cards
Extend the nature theme here as well by purchasing a hollowed out wood trunk. Or, if you’re extremely handy you can carve it out yourself! Above the tree trunk, attach a banner that reads “CARDS” so your friends and family know exactly where to put theirs. To keep the cards safe, have a slit in the trunk so no one can take them out once they’re placed in. Dress up the trunk a bit with ribbon and attach some leaves to add the perfect autumn touch. 
Food & Drinks
The food and beverages at your celebration are an important part to making your guests happy. You may not think you can add a fall time touch to this aspect of your wedding, but you can! Show off your theme by having a DIY Caramel Apple Bar complete with large jugs of caramel and chocolate, apples already placed on sticks and goodies such as sprinkles! Add some decor to the table by lighting candles and using leaf cutouts here as well, or real leaves! Instead of using plates for the apples, continue the tree trunk idea here by using them as a place for the fruit to sit on. 
Another fun fall time idea is to have a table set up just for some apple cider! You can have virgin apple cider for the children and non-drinkers and also have a jug full of cider with alcohol in it. Do the same with this table and decorate it with leaves and candles and be sure to label both jugs so no one gets confused!
As for your wedding cake, what a wonderful idea to have a tree stump cake, surrounded by colorful leaves. To really perfect the look, have yours and your partners initials carved into it! This is not only an original idea but a romantic one as well. 
An elegant centerpiece for a fall time wedding is a jar of your choice (mason jar, vase, etc.) filled with some leaves and a candle to set a romantic mood. You can throw some leaves around the jar as well to dress it up a bit more. This centerpiece idea is effortless and can be quite inexpensive by collecting your own leaves so you don’t have to purchase the fake ones!
Another centerpiece suggestion is another simple idea that can help save money - fruit! Fill up a vase with water and your choice of fruit. Apples are a great idea to go with your theme and will flow nicely with your caramel apple bar. You can even place a floating candle atop each one to illuminate the tables!
One last centerpiece idea to choose from is a twine wreath filled with fall time decor and a candle placed in the center of it. Decorate the wreath with orange, red, brown and yellow leaves and top it off with an orange or cream colored candle. Finish by adding a small twine bow around the candle jar. 
Accessorize the aisle you are going to walk down by lining it with fall elements such as leaves and fall-appropriate flowers. The colors will pop off the white aisle perfectly and will look amazing in person and in photos! 
Above your tables, hang paper pom poms that match your colors. To represent your theme, the best colors to use are yellow, orange, brown or red. You can switch them up a bit and mix and match or you can put one color of pom poms above each table. 
Set up an unforgettable tablescape by using “leaf placemats” under each table setting. Here is another place where you will have the option to use different color leaves or give each table a color of its own. 
Send your guests home with something they can put to use as the season changes and the weather gets a bit colder. Wrap up plush blankets with a ribbon that has your last name and wedding date on it. Your guests will be sure to thank you, especially on a cold fall night when all they want to do is cuddle up and get warm!
A fall themed wedding leaves plenty of room for great ideas that you can do on your own and allows couples to put their own touch on things. We hope these suggestions are helpful during your planning process and that they leave a lasting impression on you and your guests!
Do you have a fall wedding idea you would like to share? Comment below!