Spring Beauty - Wedding Check List


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Spring Beauty - Wedding Check List

'Tis The Season To Get Married

Your wedding day is the one day that you and your intended will always
remember. Your friends and family will remember just how beautiful you were on that day. It goes without saying that it's important to look your best.

Follow the beauty tips DOs and DON'Ts below to ensure that you will look like the stunning bride you've dreamed you'd be. In the years to come, you'll be proud to show your wedding album to everyone!


  • DON'T start a new facial cleansing treatment or try new make up within at least month from your big day. TROUBLE SHOOTING: If someone (your mother or a bridesmaid) gives you a new skin cream or insists you try this fabulous new foundation and it's only days before your wedding and they won't take no for an answer -- try applying the new product on a part of your body that will not be seen when you're wearing your gown. That way, if you do have
    an allergic reaction to it, no one will know!

  • DON'T try "something new" with your makeup application. If your friends know you for being naturally beautiful, don't make your "something blue" your eyeshadow! The key to perfect makeup on your wedding day is to look like yourself, just a little more dramatic -- just a little! You want your features to show in your pictures, but you don't want to look like someone you're not.

  • DON'T make your bridal party all wear the same color makeup. They can stay with similar shades, but you want them to look good, so let them wear what they know is right for them.

  • DO consider false eyelashes. If you find the right ones, you can make your eyes really stand out without looking like a time traveler from the 1960s. Just remember to try them out first. Wear them on a night out with friends, and see if they notice. If they just say, "You look great, did you lose weight?" -- keep them! If they ask you if you're starring in Le Cage Aux Folles, ditch them!

  • DO ask your maid of honor to keep your lipstick on hand. You'll need to reapply after you eat and after all those kisses!


  • DO get your hair done by someone who knows you. Trusting the person who makes you beautiful is worth every penny!

  • DO go in for a test run. Have your hair stylist do your hair the way you want it. And if the picture you bring doesn't end up looking right on you, try something else. It helps to go in with more than one idea.

  • DO think about the time of year and the style of dress you are wearing. Wearing your long hair down in the middle of heat wave might not be the best idea!

  • DO bring your hairpiece (veil, tiara, flowers) at your practice session. When you are done, don't be afraid to drive home with the window cracked and leave your hair styled all day to see how it will truly hold up for countless hugs and dances.

  • DON'T be afraid to tell your stylist if you don't like something or if his/her creation is not you. This is not the time to be shy. Speak now or forever hold your peace!

  • DON'T change your hair color right before the wedding. If you are worried about roots, that can be taken care of with enough time to fix any mistakes. But you don't want to go from brunette to blond two weeks before your wedding!


  • DO get your nails done. Even if you don't have long nails, treat yourself to a manicure (or have your maid of honor do it!). This way, you will look as put together as possible.

  • DO consider using blue nail polish on your toes- there's your something blue!

  • DON'T use nail color that can be seen from the back row. Let your new wedding ring steal the show, so leave the molten lava red for Valentine's Day. And the more subtle the color, the less noticeable any chips will be. Who wants to worry about polish patrol on her honeymoon?

  • DON'T get new nails that are inches longer than you are used to. You don't need that kind of handicap while getting ready.


    Wherever you are getting ready, make sure someone prepares an emergency kit for you. Someone should bring it to the wedding and the reception sites -- emergencies arise anywhere, anytime!

    This kit should include:

    A sewing kit, extra lipstick, clear nail polish, bandages, safety pins, hairpins, hairspray,
    deodorant, compact mirror, aspirin, small bottle of water, snack (it's easy to forget to eat that day!),
    breath mints, extra pantyhose, tissues.

    Even if you don't need any of these things yourself, your bridal party might!

  • Go to bed early the night before! The best way to avoid puffy eyes is to be well rested.

  • Don't forget perfume. Not only do you want to look great, but you want to smell great too!

    Written by: Suzanna Cramer, a freelance writer and recent bride living in New York City.