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Super Cool Beach Theme Wedding Favors

Today wedding have become far removed from the formal and stuffy affairs that they used to be in the past. Many of today's couples like to have a light and fun time instead of the ...

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Today wedding have become far removed from the formal and stuffy affairs that they used to be in the past. Many of today's couples like to have a light and fun time instead of the traditional church wedding. Just look at the incredible rise of beach themed weddings and other fun and unique wedding theme ideas out there. To really pull off a fun beach themed wedding from top to bottom it is important to plan your party favors ahead of time. Of course you want your party favors to tie in with your central theme and to be a lot of fun.

Here are some simple and fun ideas for beached themed party favors.

Flip Flop Key Chain

You can purchase cute little mini flip fop key chains from a variety of online sources that specialize in wedding favors. Buy these for cheap in bulk and then spice them up a bit by using craft pain pens. Purchase a few silver or gold paint pens at your local craft store and write the name of the bride and groom and date of the wedding on each of the key chains. Or if you want to give the favors a more personalized flair then write the name of the guests and the date of the wedding. Either way these are so cute you will be sure to have a fun favor that your guests will love.

Candles With Sea Shells

Why not try buying some beautiful white candles in bulk and then wrapping them up in clear plastic gift boxes and add some sand a few sea shells or a small piece of driftwood to give it a beach feeling.

Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack chairs are a very typical beach site especially on the east cost but also to some extent on the west coast. These chairs have become synonymous with relaxing at the beach with music playing and a drink in your hand. What a great way to set a wonderful mood just the symbol of these chairs makes you feel more relaxed. You can easily purchase mini Adirondack chairs that are small, cute and perfect for wedding favors. Again you can customize them with a card, wrapping or little personalization ala a paint pen.

Mini Sandcastles

What says beach more then a beautiful sandcastle? We all have fond memories of building sandcastles when we where children and they have always been a symbol of the beach. So why not buy a bunch of mini sandcastles from an online retailer and spruce them up a bit. You can add some sea shells, ribbon, gift wrapping or any other sort of small embellishment to give them a personalized touch and an artistic flair.

There are a bunch of fun ideas and this list could keep going on but really it would never hit the perfect wedding favor for you. The perfect wedding favor for you really needs to come from your own thoughts and ideas. Hopefully the ideas listed here will spark an interest for you and you can start with these ideas and then let your mind wander and take off. Think about ways to personalize the favor and make them have your own touch and feel. Also it can be really helpful to think about what you would like to express to your guests about your wedding. To you want them to remember a fun and light time at the beach or more of a formal beach wedding at sunset feel. Whatever the feeling is you want to communicate this through the wedding favors.

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