Long Islander to Perform at Osheaga Festival in Montreal


A group called Roy Juno, including Long Island native James Marino, will be performing at the famous Osheaga festival in Montreal!

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A group called Roy Juno will be performing at the famous Osheaga festival in Canada! The group is made up of Berklee alumni and students that will be performing on August 2nd on one of the six stages at the popular festival. James Marino, the guitarist in Roy Juno, is a Long Island native himself!



Big festivals like Osheaga is how many smaller artists and groups find fame. After their music is presented to the huge audience, many listeners that enjoy the performance find their music online and begin to stream it. Therefore, a small artist playing at a huge music festival is a sure way of widening their audience and gaining more fans.



Roy Juno got the opportunity to perform at Osheaga through their college, Berklee College of Music. Specifically, the big gig was achieved through Berklee’s Popular Music Institute which helps students gain experience in performing and teaches them about how to adapt to the ever-evolving music industry. 

Be sure to check out some of Roy Juno’s music to support the Long Island native!