Resolution Round Up: Going Green? 10 Recycling Facilities Around Long Island

We all want to make the world a better place; for ourselves, our kids and for all future generations to come. This isn’t easily accomplished with so much negativity in the air. Not to mention ...

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We all want to make the world a better place; for ourselves, our kids and for all future generations to come. This isn’t easily accomplished with so much negativity in the air. Not to mention the smog. What can you do? You’re just one person, right? As it turns out, all it takes it one person. All any movement needs is one person to get the ball rolling and soon enough, others will catch on. Recycling is one of those balls. Many people think recycling is a new deal but for a long time now people have been finding new ways to reuse old items. While recycling isn’t necessarily an underground movement it still needs people, like yourself, to spread the word. The following ten businesses accept most scrap metals, old computer parts, glass bottles and cans, and even cars! Don’t wait to start recycling.


  1. Gershow Recycling Facility, 71 Peconic Avenue, Medford - (631) 289-6188

Gershow Recycling Facility looks too conserve the future by recycling the past. Gershow operates the most modern, technically advanced metal processing recycling facilities in the United States. Now that’s saying something. They are capable for processing ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and paper products. Gershow will buy scrap metals such as (are you ready for it?) junk cars, trucks and buses, scrap iron, aluminum, copper, brass, tin cans, copper bearing scrap, electic motors, fuel storage tanks, appliances, cofrrugted carboard, waste paper and all other metal products.

  1. PK Metals, 3542 Route 112, Coram - (631) 732-6403

PK Metals has been family operated since 1979, handling the recycling needs of large coporations, government agencies, utilities and the general public. Using the latest technology, PK Metals has become a recognized leader in the scrap recycling industry. They work hard to protect and preserve our environment and save natural resources through recycling which uses less energy and reduces greenhouse gasses. The efforts of PK Metals turns tens of millions of pounds of scrap metal, paper, cardboard, plastics and electronics into useful commodities. “By recycling the past we are ensuring a better life for our children tomorrow.”

  1. Island Recycling, 135 Pine Aire Drive, Bay Shore - (631) 704-3503

Island Recycling Solutions’ focus is on establishing proactive, individualized and incentive based programs that monetizes the waste flow of its customers and enhanced environmental benefits. Island Recycling understands the needs of businesses to have a “Zero Waste” approach to increasing profits and develops individualized, cost effective and environmentally responsible recycling programs.

  1. Huntington Recycling Center, 641 New York Avenue, Huntington - (631) 427-6377

Huntington’s Recycling Center accepts textiles, Styrofoam, antifreeze, automotive and marine batteries, motor oil, clean paper, plastic, newspaper, carboard, glass, and cans. Grass clippings are accept for a fee of $2 per bag. The recycling center accepts propane gas tanks up to 25lbs for safe disposal for no charge.

  1. Arrow Scrap Corporation, 1627 Straight Path, Wheatley Heights - 1-800-727-2716

Arrow Scrap is an environmental service company that recycles scrap metal, electronics and computer components. They are reputable as being honest, reliable and leaders in the recycling industry. They boast an unmatched commitment to customer satisfaction, safety, quality and the environment by being proactive and having responsible business ethics which prevents unnecessary landfill dumping and promotes a cleaner environment. Arrow offers pickup and drop-off services for the convenience of its customers.

  1. Island Recycling Corporation, 228 Blydenburg Road, Islandia - (631) 234-6688
  1. Metal Green Recycling Industries, 100 Eads Street, West Babylon - (631) 249-0458
  1. Smithtown Recycling, 133 Old Northport Road, Kings Park - (631) 544-9200
  1. Deer Park Recycling, 51 Kinkel Street, Westbury - (516) 333-6145
  1. Eco Friendly Services, 1121 Walt Whitman Road, Melville - (631) 393-2600